5 Best Bike Racks for Truck Hitch in 2023 – Tested & Compared

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If you’re a cyclist who rides in groups, or you like taking your bike along for camping with your pickup truck, then the one thing you must have in possession of is a truck hitch bike rack.

You know, those things that hitch your bike with your truck and hold it into place. It’s not a surprise that no matter how much you like cycling, wriggling your bike on top of a rack has got to be your least favorite part of the whole trip.

I’ve seen people lumping their bikes on top or at the side of their pickup. The best they could come up with is a long rope to tie all of them. Imagine the truck jerking on the road. Worst yet, what if the harness loosens and bikes fall off? Ooh, we’re in for trouble then, aren’t we?

Fortunately, there are a handful of ways to do that. One such way is by using a truck hitch bike rack.

Then again, what is the best bike rack for truck hitch? What are the options currently in the market? What factors to look out for when buying one? Hold your horses! I’ll be answering all that, and more in this little article.

Best Bike Rack for Truck Hitch – Top Chart

Top PickAllen Sports 4-Bike Hitch RacksIKURAM Hitch Rack
  • Bike capacity: 4
  • Load capacity: 140 lbs
  • Material: Alloy Steel
Versatile Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch RacksHollywood Racks
  • Bike capacity: 4
  • Load capacity: 140 lbs
  • Material: Plastic, Steel
Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch RacksMAXXHAUL 50027
  • Bike capacity: 2
  • Load capacity: 80 lbs
  • Material: Steel
Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch RacksKAC K2 Rack
  • Bike capacity: 2
  • Load capacity: 120 lbs
  • Material: Alloy Steel
Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch RacksLeader Accessories Rack
  • Bike capacity: 2
  • Load capacity: 80 lbs
  • Material: Metal

Top-Rated Truck Hitch Bike Rack Reviews

You’ll see several truck hitch bicycle racks floating around on the market. Every product will claim to be the best of the best. However, you and I both know that’s not the case here. People have to look at various aspects of these products to make sure they fit the bill or not. Only then, they’ll tap or click “Buy.”

Sorting through these products is tough. It might take several trips to the store or hundreds of hours on the internet. Well, not for you guys! You have… “Me!”

I’ve listed top-of-the-line products that WILL match your expectations and price range as well. Let’s drop the gibber jabber and get into brief reviews of bike racks for truck hitch.

1. IKURAM Hitch Mount Double Foldable 4-Bike Rack for Truck Hitch

Best Pick
IKURAM truck hitch rack
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Hitch Receiver: 2″
  • Hitch Class: III & IV
  • Bike Capacity: 4
  • Load Capacity: 140 lbs
  • Brand: IKURAM
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IKURAM is a brand that really focuses on your comfort and satisfaction more than its competitors do. Their slogan is literally “Enjoy your happy, we’ll make it easy.”, and they try their best to live up to that. Take this bike rack as a prime example.

When it comes to convenience, this product is unbeatable. It’s a double foldable bike rack with a swing-down backward design that allows you to access the vehicle’s rear for doing stuff like taking something out of the boot effortlessly.

After that, it simply pops back up to its original position thanks to the locking pins. It remains quite firm as well. Now, that’s what I like! When you’re not using it, you can just fold up its easily fold-down arms and save the extra space on the back of your vehicle.

This particular product can take up to four bikes at a time. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to stack them up quite easily. Then, the straps (more on them later) will take care of things.

Here’s something you need to keep in mind. This hitch bike rack works great with 2-inch hitch receivers. Anything greater than that, and you’ll have no luck with it. You can call it Class III or IV bike rack thanks to the size.

Let’s take a closer look at the design of this thing. As you can see, the rack itself looks very simple, minimalistic, and it has been made to look so on purpose.

IKURAM is a brand that believes and endorses simplicity. That’s why they have designed it in such a way that it only requires a one-time assembly.

It literally takes only three bolts and a few minutes to set the whole thing up before you hit the road. You just set it up for once, and you’re good to go for the rest of the product’s lifespan. It’s fully reversible (left or right) and assures an anti-wobble attachment to the hitch.

On top of that, there’s a huge array of other cool features that make this rack stand out. For example, it’s got a fully adjustable tie-down cradle system that is just perfect for a huge number of bicycle models.

It’s durable, UV-resistant, and is fastened with protective rubber cradle straps. Now you never have to keep looking at your rear-view mirror to check on your bike out of fear of it cartwheeling down the back of your truck.

In terms of durability, IKURAM trumps competitors. The thing is made of steel. Don’t worry, it’ll be coated in a black finish. This is one of the sleekest bike racks that I’ve ever seen. Although lightweight, IKURAM can carry loads of up to 140 lbs. See? It’s functional as well.

Its unique UV-resistant rubber cradle straps shall not be weakened by the rays of the mighty sun. For its strength has also been amplified by the power of the powder coat finish that would also protect it from rust. Jokes aside, this stuff really works.

There’s also a cherry on top to finish it off. The tie-down straps of this bike rack also come with a soft cradle bed so that your precious bike stays firm and protected. The makers of this rack really know how much you value your bike and seems like they empathize with you.

My only beef with the product is that the rubber strips are somewhat stiff. Once people start using it, the stiffness will decrease over time.

2. Hollywood Racks Destination Truck Hitch Platform Bike Rack

Versatile Pick
Hollywood hitch rack for pickup
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Plastic, Steel
  • Hitch Receiver: 2″
  • Item Weight: 42 lbs
  • Bike Capacity: 4
  • Load Capacity: 140 lbs
  • Brand: HollywoodRack
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Here’s my favorite from the list of the best hitch bike rack for pickup truck you’ll find. The Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bikes Platform Hitch Mount Bike Rack.

Whether you’re taking your bike to the outskirts of the city, or on a bumpy ride through rocky roads, this bad boy will have it all covered for you. Yes… you CAN get this thing to carry four bikes at a time. Just make sure to have each bike’s weight within 35lbs and you’ll be fine.

The body of this truck hitch bike rack is made of alloy steel and plastic. This makes the rack sturdy and durable on one hand, and on the other, offers a confidently fit grip for your bikes.

Speaking of grip, there are also ratcheting hooks on the center mast of the rack that give you an added securing point for your bike for when the road is bumpy and there are wobbles and shakes.

That’s not all. There’s a lot more to talk about the features and design of this thing. It’s got curved wheel trays with adjustable wheel straps to make it easily compatible with bikes with varying wheelbases.

Along with the security of the grip that I mentioned before, it also comes with the flexibility of being vertically foldable. Meaning you can just remove all clips and pins and fold them back into a small little unit that you can easily carry around at the back of your truck when it’s not in use.

On top of that, there’s a hitch lock that works almost like a key to ensure that rack is held securely to the truck hitch and vice versa. This means you can now drive around with your bike on the back of your truck without having to check up on it through the rear-view mirror even once.

The capacity of this bike rack is also something you can boast about. It can carry up to 4 bikes with a little help from our vehicle’s receiver. Yes, you read that right. No kidding! I and my homies could just put this rack on the back of our truck, mount our bikes onto it, and we’re set to go. But keep in mind that Hollywood hitch bike rack works only with 2-inch hitch receivers.

Last but most certainly not least comes the question of compatibility. Well, if you ask me, I haven’t seen many bike racks that are this much open to all bike and vehicle models.

Yup! We can basically set this rack up on the back of anything that has a hitch. Cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and mobile homes or RVs as well. You name it, this would attach to it. I didn’t have to worry once about vehicle compatibility ever since I got this rack.

I DID hit some snags while using this bike rack. First of all, you can’t have additional locks (except those which come with it) when purchasing this product. Lowe won’t make you duplicates. Take your hitch bike rack to a locksmith instead.

Another thing I noticed is a scratch. This happened when I lowered the hitch a bit too much. Apparently, you can only lower it up to 4.75 inches above the ground. Do that and scratches won’t be troubling you.

I admit this product has a couple of snags. However, when it comes to bikes, this bad boy makes no exceptions. It can accommodate kids’ bicycles, ladies’ frames, hybrids, road bikes, and even mountain bikes. This rack truly is your bike’s best friend when you’re on a trip.

3. MAXXHAUL 50027 Hitch Mount Platform Bike Rack For Truck Hitch

Budget Pick
MAXXHAUL platform truck rack
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Steel
  • Hitch Receiver: 2″
  • Hitch Class: III & IV
  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Load Capacity: 80 lbs
  • Brand: MAXXHAUL
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Here’s a whacky type of bike rack for those who like to try things out of the box. Yup, you read it right! The MAXXHAUL 50027 is not your ‘everyday’ bike rack. To begin with, the design of this thing not just makes it look like some futuristic mechanical contraption, but it also works like one.

I mean, just look at this thing. Doesn’t it look like some engineering miracle straight out of a mad scientist’s lab? Look-wise, I’d give it a 10 on 10. I have a thing for things that make me feel like I’m in a sci-fi movie.

Moving on to the solid stuff, let’s talk about the ergonomics of this thing. What impressed me most about the design of this thing other than how it makes it look was the universal fit that this bike rack offers. It’s equipped with a 2” x 2” hitch bar that you can use on any standard 2” Class III and IV hitch receivers.

The only thing you should keep in mind is never to exceed the maximum capacity of 40lbs per bike or a total of 80lbs distributed in total. That’s the maximum weight capacity of this product, and exceeding it might be harmful to the rack, or even for your bike or pickup truck.

Just like any good bike rack should, this one’s also got adjustable rubber straps on the bike cradle to ensure your bike is held firmly in its place while your vehicle hits the road.

In terms of durability, it’s made of steel with a black powder coating. The brand’s motto is “For the long haul’, and they work really hard to make sure that their products live truly up to it.

This bike rack is made for all types of users, and the compatibility of this thing is the biggest proof of this statement. It’s perfectly compatible with cars, trucks, SUVs, and even your cozy family sedan.

IF it has a 2” hitch. No matter what vehicle you drive, you can go for this rack to mount your bike to it without a second thought.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how easy setting this thing up is. The vertical post of this rack can be removed quickly and almost with no effort. It uses the quick hitch pins included in the package. It’s so easy to set up, that even a complete novice can assemble and disassemble it in no time.

As manufacturers, MAXXHAUL has been a brand of trust ever since it set foot into the industry. Their team is loaded with in-house design and quality inspectors to ensure that you get the best product and service, no matter where you are on the globe. Yes, they also have facilities overseas.

4. KAC Overdrive Sports K2 Hitch Mounted Platform Bike Rack for Trucks

Sturdy Pick
KAC truck hitch mount bike rack
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Hitch Receiver: 2″
  • Item Weight: 44.8 lbs
  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Load Capacity: 120 lbs
  • Brand: KAC
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If you ride a sports bike then this rack is made just for you. The K2 is built specifically for sports bikes. It comes with a wide range of features that sports bikers can benefit from. From design to materials, this bike rack is the ultimate companion for travelers and cyclists.

Just to get the specifications out of the way, people can carry up to two bikes with this. Obviously! As long as you keep the weight limit of 120lbs combined, you should be fine.

This platform-style truck hitch rack can be hooked up to 2-inch receivers. This is just the tip of the iceberg, believe me.

Speaking of the design, this rack is equipped with not just a safety strap for your bike, but also tire straps to further ensure that your bike is held firmly into place at the back of your vehicle.

Make sure to use the safety strap and the tire straps at all times. All the more so while traveling. Trust me, you’ll never have to worry about your bike’s safety again.

The makers of this bike rack have really outdone themselves in terms of safety and protection.  There’s a safety key provided with the rack to lock your bike securely in place using the top hook arm.

To top it off, there’s an innovative anti-wobble mechanism that ensures your bike gets a smooth and sturdy escort no matter how bumpy the road is.

We all know how protective people are of their bikes. It looks like the guys from K2 rack are no exceptions. That’s why they’ve equipped the rack with foam padded hook arms. These will help you in holding your bikes firmly in place.

Also, these things protect your bike’s paint job. Looks like the K2 has a soft spot for your bikes, after all.

To accompany the hook arms, there are adjustable wheel holders that support tires as wide as 5”. Since they’re heavy-duty, you can hook up bikes of any style to them and they’ll stand together like sushi rolls on a tray.

You can easily adjust the wheel holders to widen or shorten according to the width of your bike’s base, and when you’re done using the rack, you can fold the rack up and make room for other stuff at the back of your truck.

But even after all that if you’re not fully assured of your bike’s safety, the rack lets you have a peek at it with the rear reflector anytime you want.  Just a little tip for those who have a step-through bicycle with a low frame, use an adapter to fit the bike to the rack properly.

All that safety does not mean that this thing will be difficult to set up and take off. It’s got a patented quick-release lever that makes it super easy to lower the rack away from the back of your vehicle whenever you need to make way for putting or taking down stuff from there, just like a cargo ship.

5. Leader Accessories Hitch Mounted Bike Rack for Pickup Truck

Leader Accessories bike rack
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Metal
  • Hitch Receiver: 2″
  • Tilt-down Feature
  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Load Capacity: 80 lbs
  • Brand: Leader Accessories
Check Price on Amazon

Leader Accessories is a brand dedicated to teat outdoor activity enthusiasts with their amazing products since their very first day in the industry. Not just biking stuff, they also make accessories for camping, fishing, watersports, and Powersports. This bike rack right here is a fine specimen of their excellence.

We’ve seen in gala shows or fashion ramp walks, the show stopper always comes in the end, and makes everyone forget about everything they have witnessed so far.

In my list of the best truck hitch bike rack, this product is certainly one that stands out from the rest, if not the show stopper. Have a closer look at it, and you’ll see for yourself what I actually mean.

Starting with the build and design, this bike rack is heavy-duty by all means. Its carry arm tube is about 2.5mm thick and can carry a load up to 80lbs.

Not only does it protect your bike, but it also protects itself from rust thanks to the toner coating with abrasion-resistant technology that prevents it from all kinds of chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing.

This thing is designed for your convenience, and I mean it literally.

To make sure that you can have a spare tire on the back of your vehicle while mounting your bike on this rack, the clearance from the exit of the hitch to the vertical bar of the tack is precisely 7.87”, which is the standard maximum width of a tire of any brand.

Don’t believe me? Measure it yourself!

The innovative hitch and fold design make it quick and easy to mount the rack into any 2” hitch receiver. This is suitable for accommodating any bike. The foldable design also saves a lot of space by simply being folded up into a small little thing when it’s not in use.

Another thing that makes this bike rack stand out is…wheel hoops! It’s got wheel hoops that hold your bike in place, and since they’re adjustable, they fit with almost any bike you mount it on. The hitch pins make sure that you can hitch the rack easily onto your vehicle.

There are also easy-to-use knobs that allow you to adjust it to the bike cradle with ease while fitting into it like a glove. The tray-style carrier makes it stress-free and hassle-free for you to carry your bikes while offering optimum stability and support.

The rubber straps are adjustable and are capable of keeping the dual compound bike cradle from wobbling around too much. The hooks are also cushioned not only to save your bike from accidental jerks and shakes but also to protect its paint job from scratches and skids.

Buying a Hitch Bike Rack for Truck? Here’s What You Should Know

Best Bike Rack for Truck Hitch

If you’re enthusiastic about your bike, every accessory you buy is an investment. In the long run, it all comes down to how it’d benefit your bike. Hitch mount truck bike racks are no exception.

That’s why it’s important to do a bit of research before purchasing one. Here are some of the factors you ought to look out for when buying a bike rack for your pickup truck.

Budget Should be Your Concern

The budget should be the first and foremost thing to consider when buying a bike rack for your truck. There’s a reason behind this, of course. Your budget determines what category of product you’re buying. It determines what range you’ll be looking into.

Even if you’re not running short, you gotta ask yourself if the amount you’re paying for a product is really worth the total benefit you’ll be getting from it.

Sticking to a budget also makes it easier for you to search for the right product in less time, because the price range already narrows down your list of options from the wide range of options.

The Kind of Usability You’re Getting Out of It

usability of truck hitch rack

This point also kinda relates to your budget. If you’re going to be using the pickup bike rack for a single trip or if you’re buying it as a one-off purchase, then the best idea would be to go for the cheapest options you can get your hands on.  You could even rent or borrow one if that’s an option.

But if you’re really planning on some long-term use, and you plan to use the rack frequently, then you better go for the ones that are durable. Durability comes at a price, so in this case, you’d have to spend a teensy bit more.

Number of Bikes You’re Carrying with Your Truck

number of bike on the rack

Time to get all technical. The number of bikes you carry is an important thing to keep in mind while choosing a bike rack for truck hitch. It’s a good idea to get one that’s capable of carrying at least a couple of bikes. That’s in case a friend wants to join you on your trip with you. With their bikes, of course.

For me, I often decide to give a hitch-hiker with a bike a lift on a long journey. Better to have a few extra spots left than running low on them.  Don’t go buying truck bike racks with a large number of bike capacity if you really don’t need one though. That’d only cost you extra money and ultimately come to no use.

The Truck Hitch Bike Rack Should Be Secure

Possibly the most important feature on Top-Rated bike racks for truck hitch you’ll find is its safety. The ideal type of bike racks would lock into the lock of your truck, making it impossible to steal the rack, or the bike attached to it.

The Truck Hitch Bike Rack Should Be Secure

Then… others only lock the bike into the rack. However, it creates the possibility of a thief stealing away the rack along with the bike as a whole.

There are ones that offer you excellent locking features and ones that can lock onto your truck and also lock your bikes in position.

It’s totally up to your preference and convenience which one you’d choose. Your decision should be made depending on how often you’ll be leaving your bikes unattended. If it happens pretty frequently, then a hitch rack with a good locking mechanism is the best option for you.

If your truck hitch rack doesn’t have a locking mechanism (which is very unlikely, because all of them have some kind of it), then the way to go is to lock your truck with a cable.

Check the Brand Name Next!

Who a rack is made by tells a lot about its quality and service? Buying a product made by a reputed brand gives you assurance.This product going to offer you a long period of usability and convenience.

top brand of truck hitch rack

You can check expert opinions or search online. This will help you in knowing different manufacturers better before deciding to buy a rack from one of them for your pickup truck. Pay attention to features, functionality, receiver size, rack class, user reviews, and ratings. That’s where you’ll get to know the true colors of the product.

How Much Functional is Your Truck Hitch Bike’s Rack

Although they were initially designed for carrying bikes, some bike racks come with a bunch of other options as well. Take the support bar for instance. Even though they’re mainly made for bikes, some support bars can be used for hauling items in place during transit, any item!

It depends on you whether you need a rack with a single purpose or a multi-purpose one. Don’t go after the multi-purpose ones if you don’t need them just because they’re whacky. Decide what functions of it do you really need before investing in a bike rack.

Top-pick bike rack according to car model:

  1. Subaru Forester Bike Rack Reviews
  2. Toyota RAV4 Bike Rack Reviews
  3. Honda CRV Bike Rack Reviews

Is it Convenient to Handle?

When it comes to selecting any product, convenience should be the first priority. Most of the modern-day bike racks are built with a foldable design that makes it easier to just fold the bike rack and put it away in the back of your truck when you’re not using it.

How Much Functional is Your Truck Hitch Bikes Rack

But some take up a bit more space than their counterparts. For example, the Apex Rage Powersports TBBC-4 comes with a fixed design that takes up a lot of space from the back of your truck. Where you’ll be storing it is also an important factor.

Is Your Truck Hitch Bike Rack Efficient at It’s Job?

Efficiency is the main reason you’re buying it in the first place. It’s important to keep in mind to check how efficient a bike rack is before investing in it. By efficiency, I mean how easy it is to use, to set up and take off, how much space it saves, etc.

Go for the ones that go best with your lifestyle. By that I mean the kind of bike you ride, the kind of vehicle you drive, the type of roads you’re most likely to take, and the number of people you ride with. Everything. Choose a bike rack that matches the best with all of this, and it might just be the last bike rack you have to buy.

Because at the end of the day, your comfort and convenience are the main reasons why you’re buying a bike rack, anyway.

Get Set Go!

It can be a confusing and overwhelming thing to choose just one among so many options when it comes to the best bike racks for truck hitch. But if you keep your priorities straight, then you’ll be able to get to your desired one without having to look too much.

Don’t be flabbergasted by the ones you see your friends use. Their requirements are very different from yours. Make your own personalized list of the factors that matter to you the most. Then get one that ticks most of the boxes, if not all of them.

The sole purpose of coming up with this list of truck hitch bike rack was to help you find the bike rack that’s the best for you. Now you decide which one suits you the best. Good luck, and have a safe trip!

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