5 Best Suction Cup Bike Rack Reviews in 2023 – Your One-Stop Guide

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Hi there! Are you struggling to find a way to transport your bikes safely? It could be that you’ve already gone through a couple of trials and errors and still… you haven’t found a suitable solution for this problem.

I mean, I get it… there’re several ways that you could transport your bikes. But it’s not possible to try out everything and see what works. It’s time-consuming and a waste of your hard-earned money.

Hence, I’ll introduce to you a different and yet efficient way to safely transport your bicycles. It’s good ol’ ‘Suction Cups.’ To be more clear, suction cup-based bike racks. I know your head is twitching with a lot of questions and doubts… Don’t worry, I will thoroughly discuss everything about it.

Be it the best suction cup bike racks or how to get them, you’ll find the blueprint here!

Best Suction Cup Bike Rack – Quick Chart

Best PickROCKBROSROCKBROS Suction Cup Rack
  • Bike capacity: 2
  • Load capacity: 88 lbs
  • Item Weight: 2 KG
  • Aluminum, Rubber
Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch RacksSeaSucker Bike Rack
  • Bike capacity: 1
  • Load capacity: 45 lbs
  • Item Weight: 6 lbs
  • Material: Steel
budget pickAllen Sports 4-Bike Hitch RacksS SMAUTOP Sucker Rack
  • Bike capacity: 2
  • Load capacity: 110 lbs
  • Item Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Aluminum Alloy
CompactAllen Sports 4-Bike Hitch RacksIMT Vacuum
Bike Rack
  • Bike capacity: 1
  • Load capacity: 60 lbs
  • Pull Force: 200 lbs
  • Aluminum, Alloy Steel
Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch RacksKupper Mounts
Sucker Rack
  • Bike capacity: 1
  • Load capacity: 45 lbs
  • Item Weight: 4 lbs
  • Steel, ABS plastic

Suction Cup Bike Rack? Is that Even a Thing?

Don’t underestimate the power of a suction cup. I mean it! Even a giant squid is capable of devouring a sperm whale. That 30 to 40 feet long squid depends on the power of suction cups. For bike racks…they can even pull at over 210 pounds of weight. So, yes…your bikes will be in safe hands, err… cups!

Suction cups aren’t complicated. Actually, you can install them within seconds with minimal work (Me likey). Not only that, you don’t have to worry about whether your car supports it or not. That is a thing with a hitch hanging rack or platform rack. No hitch, no worries.

Also, standard rooftop and hitch-mounted bike carriers cost a lot. Most of my friends leave them in place, they don’t detach them right away. Part of the reason is that those racks require a lot of work to install and detach. Also you need to install trailer hitch for hitch-style rack. So, people tend to leave it the way it is. It affects mileage, creates noise at highway speeds, and affects your driving experience.

The suction cup, on the other hand, has no issue like that. It’s clean, simple, and super easy to maneuver. It can carry a huge amount of weight and there is no fancy stuff. It’s bound to carry your precious bikes while keeping them safe and secure.

How Do Suction Cups Work?

How Do Suction Cups Work
Almost every single suction cup bike racks out there has an easy install and removal system.

As I said, these are absolutely safe. Just check on them every hour while you’re on the road and drive within the respective speed recommendation a particular rack suggests. It has added benefits other than making sure the safety of your bikes.

One, you get to stretch your body driving for a long period. Two, you won’t get reckless with the thought of upcoming adventure while you’re on the steering wheel as you need to regularly check your speed.

Installation and removing these are also like a breeze. Almost every single suction cup bike racks out there has an easy install and removal system.

Since it’s not sturdy like a steel rack, some doubts might come to your mind. For example, will the sun damage it… or can you use it while it’s raining? Rest assured, high-quality suction cup racks do have the ability to withstand extreme weather.

But if you keep it for a long time out in the open even though you’re not using it, then its lifespan will shorten, yes. So, pack it up (it’s super easy) after you’re done using it. This way, you’ll be able to use it for a long time. Lastly, will it damage your car? It is highly unlikely that it will.

Top-Rated Suction Cup Bike Racks Review

Still interested in buying suction cups? Well, to lessen your troubles, I have added a list of my favorite products on my long list. This list contains 5 products that might do the trick for you.

I tried to address all the questions, discussed the features, and the shortcomings of these products. Hence, you’ll get to know everything about them and see if they’re the correct choice for you.

Also, in the end, I’ve included a thorough buying guide if you wish to purchase one. It’ll further help you and gently nudge you in the right direction. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the first product.

1. ROCKBROS Suction Cup Bike Rack Review

Best Pick
ROCKBROS Suction Cup Bike Rack Review
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Aluminum, Rubber
  • Dimensions: 37″x 8″ x 6″
  • Item Weight: 2 KG
  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Load Capacity: 88 lbs
  • Brand: ROCKBROS
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This one is a rock-solid product. It can hold two bikes at a time and has a very strong build. No matter what type of vehicle you own, you can use this accessory to transport your bikes safely. This easy-to-use rack is also compatible with a wide range of mountain and road bikes.

That’s enough packaging with fancy words. Let’s talk about the build quality.

ROCKBROS bike rack is made from durable aluminum alloy. It will hold our bikes in one place, safe, and secure. To protect our vehicle from scratch, there’re rubber suction cups in place. These rubber cups don’t feel cheap. Most importantly, they stick. And for a long time too.

They’ll survive for months before you need to run maintenance on them. Believe me. The adhesive does a wonderful job of keeping things together.

There’s a small hitch. Unwanted scratches, however, appear when you try to fix the crank. To avoid this kind of unfortunate marks, I use the strap that comes with the main body. Hence, I can use this ROCKBROS Suction Cup Bike Rack without worrying about the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Available in black, red, green, and blue, this rack has a decent weight capacity. It can carry up to 88 pounds of weight. This rack can easily carry two mountain bikes without breaking a sweat.

A gentle reminder though… do check the weight of your e-bikes before mounting them on the rack. They tend to weigh more than a standard bicycle.

ROCKBROS Bike Rack is made to fit whichever vehicle you may have. It provides ‘universal support.’  You’ll be able to use this with coupes, hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, vans, and more. Camp away… no more worrying about whether the rack would fit on your car or not!

Is it easy to use? Absolutely! It has a clever quick-release clamp mechanism for the front fork installation. Just follow the instruction manual carefully and you’ll be able to set the whole thing up within a few minutes.

Before you install it make sure your roof and the sucker are clean. After that, install the sucker on the roof and press it down hard. If you don’t press it down hard, it won’t be set firmly in place. So, do that and don’t worry… it won’t break.

Now, how will you know that it’s done? Well, when you’re pressing it down, you’ll have to press the cylinder rod. Wait for the white line to disappear and it only takes 30 to 45 seconds max. When it disappears, you can stop pressing the sucker.

All you have to do now is fix the fork with a quick-release on the front sucker step. Then, confirm the rear wheel position and fix the rear wheel and pedal. With that done, you’re ready to roll.

This very bike rack from ROCKBROS is also compatible with a wide range of bicycles. Mountain bikes, road bikes, or any bike with a quick-release front wheel…you name it! there’re two radians on the rear wheel sucker that makes this bike rack adept at handling mountain and road bikes.

ROCKBROS Suction Cup Bike Rack is simple and convenient at the same time. You can safely carry two bikes at a time without worrying about your vehicle or your bikes. When you’re not using it, simply attach the suction cup protection cover to make sure you can use it for a long time.

2. SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack Review

Runner Up
SeaSucker suction bike rack
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 15.35″ x 3.54″ x 13.78″
  • Item Weight: 6 lbs
  • Bike Capacity: 1
  • Load Capacity: 45 lbs
  • Brand: SeaSucker
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Mount any bike quickly and securely to just about any car using the SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack. It uses a highly durable and strong vacuum cup. These are made of UV-resistant rubber which is soft enough to conform to the roof of our cars.

Normally, Talon will carry one bike only amd maximum load capacity is 45 pounds. However, people can use the other models for carrying two or three bikes. For instance, you can use Mini-Bomber to carry two bikes and the Bomber to carry three. But what if you own convertibles? Well, in that case, you can resort to KOMODO!

Now, let’s talk about the build… shall we? Actually, I didn’t find anything to complain about when it came to the build quality of SeaSucker Talon. You’d be glad to know, these aren’t manufactured by machines.

This rust and a fade-free bike rack are made from 316 stainless hardware and UV-resistant rubber. It feels premium and since it has a human’s touch, the whole thing becomes more wholesome and genuine. Also, it can pull over a staggering 210 pounds of weight.

All the racks are hand-made. Furthermore, SeaSucker’s US-based support will always be there to answer all the nagging questions people might have.

This thing is durable and sturdy enough to hold heavy bikes. Under difficult circumstances as well. Carry those heavy mountain or road bikes without any worries. No wonder it is the only American-made rack that was used in Tour De France.

SeaSucker Talon Single Bike rack is a “Fork Mount Style” product. This style of rack offers the most security without putting the frame of the bike under any stress. I mean, you don’t anything to happen to your bike even before reaching your destination.

What I most like about these suction cup bike racks is that they have a low chance of damaging your vehicle. Talon is no exception either. This vacuum mount doesn’t damage the car and it’s also 3 times lighter than most hitch racks.

Place them onto your car’s roof, trunk, or back glass without any worries. They will firmly hold your bikes and won’t put a scratch on your vehicle’s body. The Talon Single Bike rack also comes with a rear-wheel strap. It helps with securing the back tire. This is a nice gesture from SeaSucker.

It’s inherent with the suction cup bike racks that they are easy to install. Within a matter of seconds, you can install this piece of a product. The setup is almost the same as the ROCKBROS suction cup bike rack. Simply pump to attach the cup and check it every hour to make sure the pressure is right.

To take the guessing game out of the equation, they have included an indicator in the mix. This thing will tell you if you need to re-pump again.

Detaching it is also made simple. You can do it in seconds with the help of the lift tab! Have a sudden urge to hike down the mountain range? Get your rack, mount it, drive your car, and you’re ready to go.

SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack is made to deliver good performance all the way. The design is good, practical, and does what a bike rack’s supposed to. It will keep your bike safe and secure. Being extremely lightweight won’t affect your driving experience as well.

3. S SMAUTOP Sucker Bike Rack

Budget Pick
S SMAUTOP Sucker Bike Rack
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Dimensions: 33: x 8″ x 7″
  • Item Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Load Capacity: 110 lbs
  • Brand: S SMAUTOP
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S SMAUTOP Sucker Bike Rack is everything that ROCKBROS couldn’t make it happen with their product. It possesses all of its features and looks. From a neutral viewpoint, we can see it as a decent bike rack that’ll provide top-notch service if you remain kind to it while using it.

However, this is not the only thing that qualifies it to be the best suction cup bike rack. You’d have to look at the tensile strength of the build and the load it carries.

Speaking of the load… there are three options available to you. If you want to carry only one bike at a time, you can. Just use the Single-bike version. If you need to haul two or three bikes at once, just go with the Two-bike and Three-bike versions, respectively.

Now, the build quality is great. It’s made from durable metal. It’s also rust-free and weather resistant. Yes, you can use it during rain without worrying. But a gentle reminder: if you’re not intending to use it to carry bikes, don’t leave it out in the open for a long time. It’ll shorten its lifespan.

The cups are made of high-grade synthetic rubber. This thing is synthetic in nature. Hence, it won’t create a budge on your car. So, no issues here.

Also, the suction cup of the vacuum pump ensures a firm frame. As for the crank, it’s fixed with high-strength Velcro. This plays a vital role in preventing the pedal from scratching the top of your vehicle.

The Aerodynamic frame isn’t there for aesthetics only. It helps control the wind resistance. Not only that. The frame also minimizes the amount of noise. As a result, you get a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

The whole structure weighs just between 2.1 to 4.5 kgs which makes it very lightweight. But being lightweight doesn’t mean it can’t carry weight. S SMAUTOP Sucker Bike Rack has a maximum loading capacity of 50 kg. It should be more than enough.

So, how to install it? Well, it’s easy. Wipe your roof carefully. There should be no dust or water on the surface. Position the cup on the part with higher sheet strength. After that, gently press the suction cup downwards using the piston rod until there’s no force to rebound.

Don’t forget to lock the roof rack at the bicycle front fork with quick release. After you’re done installing the rear wheel suction cup, make sure you wrap the rear wheel with nylon Velcro. To avoid any sort of scratching, fix the crank with complimentary Velcro. That’s pretty much it. You’re ready to roll.

Just one more thing: the advised speed is not more than 120 km/h when you’re transporting your bike on it. Also, please check the cylinder rod white line and make sure that it cannot be seen.

The reason is that it indicates the suction is now fully tightened and will not let go. This is a common mechanism of bike racks of this sort.

S SMAUTOP Sucker Bike Rack is an apt choice if you want to safely transport your bikes from one location to other without worrying much. It doesn’t damage your car or your bikes.

It keeps them secure and also weather resistant. So drive on whether it’s raining or the sun is proudly upon the blue. Follow your hiking spirit and drive on!

4. IMT Vacuum Suction Cup Bicycle Rack

IMT vacuum bike rack
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel
  • Front Mount: 8″
  • Rear Mount: 6″
  • Pull Force: 200 lbs
  • Bike Capacity: 1
  • Load Capacity: 60 lbs
  • Brand: IMT
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IMT Vacuum Suction Cup Bicycle Rack entered the market with a bang on new vacuum-mounted technology. It has all the cool features that’ll make transporting your bikes easy and safe. The rack takes little time to install and supports a wide range of bikes as well.

it’s been manufacturing professional vacuum suction tools for about 30 years. They’ve really excelled in this area because of their dedication to producing top-notch products that’ll make their customer’s life easier.

Their strong history of making good quality products is also reflected on this bike rack. This IMT vacuum mount system has a premium steel deck with three 6” vacuum mounts. It houses one fork holder and a 6” separate vacuum-mounted rear wheel holder.

Just like the S SMAUTOP, you can use this while it’s raining. It uses a durable UV and weather-resistant concave rubber pad. Don’t worry about the curve of your car’s surface. You can use this rack without facing any problems. Also, the Synthetic EPDM rubber attaches without damaging your car. That’s a win.

I’m not done by a long shot! It’s so powerful that each of the 6” mounts can pull a 200-pound force and maximum load capacity 60 poudns. It’s huge for single bike! Also, if you fully seal it, it will hold up to a staggering 48 hours! The red line will warn you of vacuum loss. So, no guessing game there.

When you’re pumping it, simply keep pumping the plunger until you reach the original vacuum pressure without removing the cup. Mount your bikes after that, and you’re good to go.

To ensure a long lifespan, inspect the rack regularly and store it with protective covers away from sun and rain.

Before each use, clean the vacuum cups with a sponge or soft cloth. Clean them with mild dish soap and water.

Everyone asks, “How often should it be checked?”

Well, with this product… you only have to check the pressure every 4 hours. As you can see, there’ll be no intermittent interruptions while you’re driving. To get the most of your rack, clean and lube the pumps regularly. It doesn’t take much time and ensure the longevity of the product to boot.

This incredible lightweight bike rack has the “Anti-Slip” feature. This has been designed to make the product attach in a matter of seconds. Most importantly, it lets you attach your rack to both flat AND curved surfaces. It also makes it possible to hold the suction longer than most bike racks out there.

The rear tire cradle is also pretty robust. Like any standard suction cup rack, it has two radians. These two radians are perfectly adapted with the thought of accommodating mountain and road cycles. The rear wheel strap is used to firmly hold the back end of your bike from moving when you’re on the asphalt.

Oh, I almost forgot… This model uses a fork-mount with a thru-axle adapter. That’s not it. The IMT Vacuum Suction Cup Bike rack is compatible with the QR axle as well. Hence, this rack will fit most mountain bikes, road bikes, and standard bikes.

The IMT Vacuum Suction Cup Bicycle rack is strong, sturdy, and packed with pragmatic features. It will safely transport your bikes while not laying a finger on your car. It can pull weight more than you probably need and withstand rough weather conditions. It’s a great bike rack altogether.

5. Kupper Mounts Suction Cup Bike Rack For Car

Kupper vacuum Rack
Quick Summary:
  • Material: Steel, ABS plastic
  • Item Weight: 4 lbs
  • Bike Capacity: 1
  • Load Capacity: 45 lbs
  • Brand: Kupper Mount
Check Price on Amazon

Okay, people! The last member on my list of best suction cup bike racks for car is up! It’s is the Kupper Mounts Suction Cup Bike Rack. This company is new to bike racks. But hey, you won’t be able to catch on! They have taken the market by storm with their innovative product lineup.

Of course, these things come with tons of useful and cool features.

First things first, the build. Kupper Mounts is made to last. It’s made from super-tough steel that makes it durable. It can withstand demanding conditions as well. Also, plastics don’t feel cheap at all. They are weather-resistant ABS plastic.

If you don’t know what ABS plastic is, let me debrief you. This sort of plastic offers a delicate balance of impact, heat, chemical and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, tensile strength, surface hardness, and more. It remains rigid and sturdy even at significantly low temperatures.

The metal is sturdy, to begin with. With this plastic ingredient, the product becomes tougher. What about the suction cups? Well, those are finished with non-marking rubber. They will prevent your car from having any scratches.

Also, the powder-coated steel combined with the rubber suction cups becomes a decent weather-resistant product. Don’t worry about rain or snow. Your rack will firmly stay in place and keep your bikes safe and secure.

This highly durable bike rack doesn’t weigh more than just 4 pounds. Yes… it’s portable. You can use this on the trunk mount or roof to fit your vehicle.  It also supports any ride from cars and RVs, to SUVs. Say goodbye to luggage rack or trailer bike rack hitch… you won’t be needing them anymore.

Just in case if you’re still worried about lifting your bike onto the roof, you can stop worrying now. This system can be used on the rear of an SUV too. All you have to do is simply place the front wheel mount near the top of your rear windscreen and the rear wheel mount at the bottom of your trunk.

After you’re done using them, you can perfectly pack this into your bag for travel. Trust me, you won’t be keeping them out in the open longer than necessary.

You can still carry your bikes safely. One more thing I forgot to mention is the weight capacity of this bike rack. It’s 45 pounds.

As you can see… this rack is quite durable and sturdy. It’s made to withstand heavy usage and compatible with any type of vehicle. It’s weather-resistant, doesn’t affect the driving experience that much, and can haul pretty good weight.

Just make sure to store it properly and clean it regularly. It takes little time to install and uninstall. Overall, this suction cup bike rack from Kupper makes transporting your bikes less of a chore.

Suction Cup Bike Rack Buying Guide: What Would You Look for When Doing Your Own Research?

Best Suction Cup Bike Rack

Anomalies bug me when it comes to purchasing accessories like bike racks. I just want to get this over with and ride my bikes down the trail and forget everything. But that’s not how it goes.

We have to spend hours searching and analyzing tons of data to buy a solid bike rack that’ll meet our needs. In this case, a suction cup bike rack.

Things are slightly bit different when it comes to buying these products. In functionality, there’re huge differences since they work differently than hitch hanging rack, platform rack, trunk mount rack, roof mount rack etc. type.

Now, I’ve already listed some of the top-oof-the-line suction cup bike racks in this list to lessen your work. Here, I’ll draw out some vital points that’ll further help you to choose a perfect suction cup rack to carry your bikes safely and securely.

Build Quality of Suction Cup Rack

I always check the build quality of a product first. I do that thoroughly. Because, what am I going to do with tons of features if the build is mediocre? If the build quality is bad, the product will not deliver best support. Heck! It won’t last for long either.

So, what are the things that need to be checked in a build for these products?

vacuum cup build quality
If the build quality is bad, the product will not deliver best support.

Well, first of all… check the material. Normally, manufacturers don’t slack off here. They want to give you the best service they can. For example, ROCKBROS’ suction cup bike rack’s material body is made from Aluminum alloy. SeaSucekr Talon uses 316-stainless hardware.

Both racks from S SMAUTOP and IMT use extremely durable materials that are rust-free. Lastly, the Kupper Mounts Suction Cup Bike rack uses premium quality steel that’s made to withstand tough weather conditions..

Check the Rubber Pad

The next thing you want to check is the ‘Rubber’s quality.’ The importance of this is paramount and you can easily imagine why. This is the one that holds the whole rack. So, it has to be of top quality. Check if they’re UV-resistant because they have to stay out in the open for long.

Also, go for the ones that are weather resistant. You would want to drive through any kind of weather. Be that as it may, rain or snow, a weather-resistant suction cup bike rack will still perform under rough weather conditions like that. So, make sure your choice has that.

Next, make sure they’re not made of cheap plastic. Most of the companies use premium quality rubber in this case. But still, you want to check that exclusively. Of all the suction cup racks that I’ve mentioned here, Kupper Mounts’ rack uses the best one.

They use weather-resistant ABS plastic in their rubber pads. This is the real deal. The other 4 racks on this list also don’t shy away from using good-quality rubber. For example, S SMAUTOP uses high-grade synthetic rubber.

IMT, SeaSucker, and ROCKBROS, three use the same kind of rubber pad. They are durable UV and weather-resistant concave rubber pads. They don’t make any annoying scratches on your vehicle too. The aesthetics will not be compromised. Always stay stylish!

Can it Carry the Weights?

It’s a common fear factor when it comes to the matter of pulling weights. Can a suction cup pull as much weight as a hanging or platform rack? Don’t worry, they can. You don’t have to take my words for granted. It’s the magic of science.

Let me just elaborate a little bit. When you press a suction cup against your car’s surface, you push out the air inside it. It eliminates the pressure inside the suction cup and creates a vacuum. This vacuum seals the cup tightly and firmly holds on to the surface.

sucker cup bike rack load capacity

Now, you may ask, wouldn’t the cup slide? As a matter of fact, no. the cup doesn’t slide because the friction created by both the cup and surface keeps it from sliding. But to work like this, you have to take care of few things first. Don’t get disheartened. They’re not tedious at all.

Before you use it, make sure the cup is squeaky clean and free from any debris. If it’s not, simply clean it in warm soapy water and they dry gently with a lint-free cloth.

Don’t forget to clean the surface too. If it’s dirty or has any dust on it, the suction cup will not adhere to it properly.

A gentle reminder: If you want to enhance the suction power, you can rub a tiny dab of Vaseline or cooking oil on the rim of the cup. This procedure works like a charm.

Anyway, let’s talk numbers. All five bike racks on this list can carry up to 40 to 50 pounds of weight. If I’m being honest, I’d say that’s a good number. Almost all the bikes (from standard to mountain bikes) don’t weigh more than that.

Yes… Suction cup bike racks can carry weights.

Vacuum Cup Bike Rack Compatibility

This question of compatibility has two sides. First, does it fit with any vehicle? Secondly, what types of bikes do they fit?

As it happens with suction cup bike racks, you don’t need to worry about fitting it to your vehicle…at all. No matter what kind of vehicle you own, suction cup bike racks will fit perfectly. While it can be an issue with hitch hanging rack, it isn’t with this type of rack.

Vacuum Cup Bike Rack Compatibility
No matter what kind of vehicle you own, suction cup bike racks will fit perfectly.

Moving on, make sure your bike rack is compatible with your bikes. But as it happens, most of the suction cup bike racks out there are compatible with a wide range of bike types. For instance, bike racks from ROCKBROS, SeaSucker, Kupper Mounts, IMT, and S SMAUTOP are compatible with a long list of bicycles.

You should be able to carry any bike ranging from mountain-type to road-type with a quick-release front wheel. For example, IMT Vacuum Suction Cup Bike Rack uses a fork-mount with a thru-axle adapter. It makes it compatible with QR axle and thru-axle. But if your bike has a barrel axle fork, you can go with S SMAUTOP Sucker Bike Rack. Suction cup bike racks are very compatible with Honda CRV, Toyota Prius, Toyota RAV4 and Honda Odyssey. Suction rack are perfect roof rack for mountain bike.

How Easy It is to Use?

You already know for a fact that suction cup bike racks are pretty easy and simple to use. Still, make sure your chosen product doesn’t have any complexities. Because our primary goal is to simplify the transportation of our bikes. We could use some less complicated accessories in our lives.

Truth be told, the suction cup bikes rack doesn’t have any complications. They are easy to install. They are not heavy. It doesn’t take much time to mount these products either.

There’s one thing you can look for. That is the indication of how long do you need to press the cylinder rod. All the racks on this list have this cool feature. It tells you if you need to press further or not. It mainly indicates if there’s any vacuum loss in the sucker.

This is a necessary feature to have. So, make sure your chosen bike rack has this feature. Because ultimately, it takes the guessing game out of the equation. You won’t need to rely on your memory anymore.

All you have to do is check the line. In some cases, it’s white, otherwise… it’s red. Check it after one or two hours and see if there’s any vacuum loss. That’s it.

My Final Two Cents

Best suction cup bike racks are simple… yet effective. There are no complexities to this accessory. It takes literally no time to install. Packing it is even more fun. You can store it in your backpack! How awesome is that? Imagine storing a hitch hanging rack or a platform rack.

Suction cup racks are lightweight and durable as well. If you’re careful while using it you can really use it for a longer time. They can withstand tough weather and don’t affect your driving experience at all. Most importantly, they keep the bikes in one place safely.

If you haven’t tried it yet, why not take a chance and see if it fulfills your transportation needs?

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