6 of the Best Bike Covers for Hitch Rack I’m Eyeing This Year!

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I think it was almost 10-12 years when I decided— okay, no more fooling around, I need a cover to protect my bicycles. I went on an adventure to San Diego with two of my favorite bikes.

The weather was fine when suddenly, a freak storm out of nowhere covered my bicycles with mud and rain.

I thought, what is the worst that can happen? Little did I know that my precious bicycles would soon bite the dust. So, a few days later, I noticed a few signs of rust on some of the bicycle parts. This was the beginning of the end for my dear bikes.

From that day onwards, I vowed never to let that happen. So, I started another adventure: finding the best bike cover for a hitch rack.

I’ve tried and used many high and low-end bicycle covers. Some of them were outstanding, and some were not. So, today I’m here to make sure you guys don’t make the mistake I did by passing on my knowledge of bike covers to you guys.

Why Do We Need a Bike Cover?

Generally, we need a bicycle cover for indoor or outdoor bike storage and traveling purposes. Let me break it down for you.

Indoor or Outdoor Bike Storage

Bicycles are not cheap at all, especially high-end ones. Therefore, you can’t just let them stay exposed or unprotected, especially if you have to store them outdoors.

Usually, we don’t use a cover if the bike is inside the garage or house, but we should. Why, do you ask? Well, if you don’t use your bicycles for an indefinite time, even if you keep them indoors, dust will start to accumulate inside the integral parts, slowly beginning to eat away the shine and other aspects of your bikes.

On the other hand, if you have to keep your bicycles outdoors without a cover, then such risk doubles. It is because outside, your bikes will be susceptible to the UV rays of the sun, rain, snow, dirt, dust, grime, and so much more.

If you keep your bicycle under such conditions, it will meet its demise sooner than you can expect. So, you should protect your bike with a cover indoors and outdoors.

Traveling Purposes

More often than not, people skip getting a bike cover when they’re not traveling with their bicycles because not all of us have the luxury. However, a bike tarp becomes more of a necessity than a luxury when you’re taking your bicycles on a journey, especially if you’re going for long trips.

Although we have apps on our devices to check how the weather will unfold, we can never be too sure of what might happen. Plus, when you’re taking your bicycles on a hitch rack, they become highly vulnerable to dust, dirt, and grime.

So, leaving your bikes out in the open while on a journey can damage them beyond repair. This is why you should always cover your bicycles with a tarp when you take them out for a trip.

Top-Rated Bike Covers for Hitch Rack I Recommend

Best Bike Covers for Hitch Rack

I have handpicked these beauties myself, and I have to say, it wasn’t an easy job. It took me quite a while to decide which ones deserve to be on the list. So, here you go, the top 6 bike covers for a hitch rack all lined up in an orderly fashion. Take a peek; you may find the tarp that is destined for you.

1. Formosa Covers Bike Rack Cover

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I must admit, the Formosa rack cover wasn’t my first choice; in fact, it was the third or fourth cover I tried. But, as you can see, it is the first on my list, so you can guess my experience with the product.

However, why keep it to the imagination when I can just tell you guys about my time with the tarp? In a word, it was incredible. I used the cover with my Subaru Forester 2019, and I have to say, it was a great success.

First things first, the tarp comes with a few different options: one, two, and four-bike covers. I went with the four-bike cover, so it was a little bigger than the other versions. Although it states “four-bike cover,” the tarp could hold only three bicycles at best unless the bikes you’re taking are extra slim.

I noticed that I was able to fit three mountain bicycles inside the cover, but when I tried to cover four bikes, it felt a little too cramped up. The three bicycles I took with me were the Specialized Fuse Expert 29, Polygon Siskiu T8, and the Giant Stance 29.

I also tried covering some electric bikes with the cover, but the most I could fit was only two bicycles.

Okay, let me clear things up a little bit. The Quad size cover is 50 inches tall, 45 inches wide at the top, 36 inches wide at the bottom, and 80 inches long. So, you can see that it is a pretty huge cover, so if you don’t put at least three bicycles inside it, there will be a lot of extra fabric left.

Nonetheless, the tarp is made of heavy-duty 300D poly, which can protect your bikes and rack from the sun’s scorching heat or water damage. It will make sure your bicycles don’t lose their color because of UV rays or become susceptible to corrosion due to rainy weather.

However, that’s not all to the cover. It also comes with see-through PVC panels, which allow the tail lights to remain visible even when your vehicle’s rear is covered entirely.

Then again, the white color of the PVC panels combined with the sunlight often makes it hard to spot the rear lights during the day. So, you’ll need to be a little careful about it.

The cover has a few more things to offer, like the easy snap buckles and double zipper to keep it attached to the rack tightly. It also comes with two bungee cords, which you should and must use to tie down any extra fabric. If you don’t, the tarp may blow or balloon up from the inside.

So, if you play your cards right, the Formosa bike rack cover can be a great option.

2. Team Obsidian: Bike Cover for Hitch Rack

Team Obsidian: Bike Cover

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The Team Obsidian Bike Cover is indeed a great item to protect your bicycles on a long journey, but like everything, it has its upsides and downsides. One of the best bike covers for hitch rack? Uh… Perhaps!

Before jumping into the details, I would like to mention the different sizes and styles the cover comes in. First of all, it comes in three sizes: L (for one bike), XL (for two bikes), and XXL (for three bikes).

Afterward, there are all the different styles. You have the option to choose from four types: Heavy-Duty Transportation, Transportation, Transparent Heavy-Duty Transportation, and Stationary.

The Stationary model is for storage purposes only and can’t be used for traveling. The rest of them, on the other hand, are made to endure the outdoor environment. As you can guess, the other three don’t differ much from one another.

The Transportation model features low-grade material for a more affordable price. The Heavy-Duty Transportation style is a little more expensive because of its high-grade material. Finally, the Transparent Heavy-Duty Transportation style is the costliest because it has transparent panels for rear vehicle light and comes with top-tier fabric as well.

It’s not possible to describe all the models; therefore, I’m only going to talk about the model I’ve used, which is the Transparent Heavy-Duty Transportation style.

So, the cover is made up of diamond 600D ripstop Oxford fabric, which is resistant to almost all the elements of weather. Whether it is the UV rays of sun, rain, snow, dirt, or dust, you won’t need to worry about anything if you keep the cover on your rack.

Okay, now let’s come to the downside. I figured out that the tarp is excellent when you’re using it with an RV or a high-top van. If you’re using it with an SUV, hatchback, or car, things may not go smoothly. The cover wasn’t able to handle 70mph when I was using it on my Subaru Forester, plus the overall gas mileage took a big hit.

However, you won’t have to worry about it if you’re using an RV or a high-top van. In any case, the cover fits almost all the types of bicycles out there. Additionally, it comes with drawstring cords at the bottom and the center and central buckles, which you can use to keep the cover tightly attached to the rack and the vehicle.

Finally, the cover features a 2-year warranty. Honestly, you can’t expect anything more from a product. So, without a doubt, it is the best bike cover for a hitch rack.

3. Velo Sock Unisex’s SHARD Bike Cover

Velo Sock Unisex's SHARD Bike Cover

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Next on my list of the best bike covers for hitch rack is the Velo Sock Unisex’s Shard bike cover, and honestly, I had my doubts when I was purchasing it, but much to my surprise, it turned out to be an excellent cover.

So, I was worried at the beginning because of how much the cover cost.And let me tell you, it’s quite a lot. As a one-bicycle cover, I think the price is a little too much; however, once you start using it, you’ll feel otherwise.

The bike tarp comes in three different styles: Shard (for mountain bikes), Ray (for road bikes), and Endurance (for triathlon bikes). So, make sure the cover you’re getting is suitable for your current bicycle.

Afterward, the cover is made up of 90% Polyester to resist water, abrasion, dust, dirt, and other elements. So, what about the remaining 10%? Well, the leftover portion is made of spandex, which allows the cover to stretch when you’re trying to squeeze in a bicycle.

Still, the unique blend of materials isn’t the best feature of the item. If you ask me what the most remarkable aspect of the cover is, then I would have to say— its versatile design.

The tarp can be used with almost all types of bicycle carriers except for roof-mounted racks. So, it won’t matter whether you have a trunk-mounted or a hitch-mounted carrier because the VELOSOCK has got you covered.

Additionally, if you ever feel like storing your bicycles inside your garage or store room, then let me tell you this, the cover is suitable with horizontal wall mounts or racks due to openings on each side.

One other thing I really liked about the item is that it looks outstanding. It doesn’t look anything like the other covers I’ve talked about so far.

So, if you’re a man of impeccable style, then you’ll find the design of the cover very intriguing. Oh, I almost forgot, it is machine washable; thus, you won’t have to get your hands dirty to clean it.

Before drawing the conclusion on the Velo Sock Unisex’s SHARD Bike Cover, I would like to give you guys a heads-up about the zipper. After you put your bicycle inside the tarp, you may find it a little difficult to close it. You may have a tough time placing your bicycles in the cover at first, but with a bit of practice, it shouldn’t be an issue.

4. ClawsCover Bikes Covers

ClawsCover Bikes Covers

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Storytime! It was around the summer of 2021, and I needed a bicycle cover for a short trip. So, I asked for suggestions from some of my friends and ended up learning about the ClawsCover bike cover.

Although they did warn me about some minor defects of the cover, I still thought the ClawsCover would be good enough to meet my demands.

Guess what? It was decent enough to satisfy my needs, and maybe it can do the same for you. So, let’s start with the fabric. The ClawsCover bicycle cover is made up of 420D Oxford polyester fabric, which is better and more robust than 300D, 210D, and 190T Oxford cloth.

The high-quality build of the tarp allows it to resist water, UV rays, dust, wind, and even wear and tear. So, once you put your precious bicycles inside the cover, they will remain safe and protected from the cruelty of extreme weather conditions.

Before I get into the other details, you should know that the ClawsCover only covers the bicycle and not the rack. So, it’s like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it lets you mount a bike on every type of carrier with the cover on (even on roof-mounted racks); on the other, some parts of your rack (if you’re using hitch or trunk-mounted versions) will remain uncovered.

However, it’s not a deal breaker plus the cover has so much else to offer. It features two reflective straps to alert other drivers behind you and two windproof straps that keep the cover tightened even during strong wind, and one lock hole to ensure your expensive bikes are safe from potential thieves.

Additionally, there are two air vents that keep the bicycles cool and also prevent the cover from blowing up. You’ll also receive a storage bag along with the purchase, which I thought was pretty nice as I could store the tarp inside it whenever I’m not using it.

The ClawsCover comes in two sizes: XXL (for 1 or 2 bikes) and XXXL (for 3 or 4 bikes). I’ve used the XXXL version with my Subaru Forester 2019 along with Thule T2 PRO XTR and noticed that it blocks the rear lights, camera, and glass entirely.

So, I tried out the cover again with my RV and realized that the cover didn’t block the tail lights. Therefore, if you’re using the tarp with a hitch rack, make sure you’re using it with an RV or a high-top van, or else the entire back of your vehicle will be covered.

5. YardStash Bike Cover

YardStash Bike Cover

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The next item on my list is a personal favorite, and it is none other than the YardStash bike cover. There is a reason why I prefer the cover over others, which is its unbelievable price. It is one of the cheapest, yet undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best bike cover for a hitch rack.

Usually, when we see something cheap, the first thing that comes into our mind is— it’s low-priced because it is made up of poor-quality material, it won’t last long nor will it be able to offer me decent service. However, this is not the case with the YardStash bike cover. Let me tell you why.

The bicycle tarp is crafted using the combination of a 600D polyester heat shield and 210D fabric. The unique build of the cover allows it to protect your dear bicycles from water during rain, UV rays during a warm sunny day, snow during winter, strong wind during thunderstorms, and abrasion.

Overall, your bikes are pretty much sure to remain safe inside the cover. It’s not all the tarp has to offer. The cover comes with two buckled drawstrings, which can be used to keep the cover from blowing up when the wind is strong.

It also features a lock hole to keep your bike secured, air vents to let the moisture out, and safety reflection strips that glow in the dark for enhanced visibility at night.

Nevertheless, the bicycle cover comes in three sizes: L for 1 bike, XL for 2 bikes, and XXL for 3 bikes. I tried out the XXL model with my Subaru Forester 2019 at first, then with my RV. I had some issues while using the cover with the SUV because it blocked most parts of the tail lights.

However, I didn’t have any problem while trying to fit my bikes inside the cover. The tarp can pretty much accommodate any type of bicycle and even the ones with a wheelbase of 29-inches.

One more thing I would like to inform you guys is that the tarp is much wider at one end, so make sure all your bicycles are facing in the same direction when you’re putting them inside the cover.

Needless to say, this is a heck of a lot more than what you’re paying. Even if, for some reason, the YardStash cover you get wears out in a few months, it will still be worth it.

If I compare the price to the quality and features, I’m getting from the cover, I must admit it is worth the money, no questions asked.

6. JOY-TECH Bike Cover

JOY-TECH Bike Cover

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We are down to the last one on my list of the Best Bike Covers for Hitch Rack, and it is the JOY-TECH bike cover.

Before purchasing the cover, I wasn’t sure whether I should get it or not because I had heard some negative things about the tarp. However, the cover came at a reasonable price, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and ended up bringing it back home.

Prior to using the cover, I did a little research on it and got to know that the cover is made up of 300P fabric with PU coating, which makes it waterproof and resistant to sunlight. The tarp also does an excellent job of keeping out dirt, dust, and grime.

So, I really liked the exterior of the tarp. It looked pretty stylish due to the meshy portions.

However, the parts weren’t actually made up of mesh; instead, they were mesh-like PVC to allow the rear lights of my vehicle to remain visible once I used the cover on a hitch rack loaded with bicycles.

The portions were pretty much see-through, and I could see the tail lights glowing even in broad daylight.

Anyways, the cover is made for two bicycles max, and you can put the bikes facing the same or opposite direction, and it won’t matter.

There are two webbing buckles on each side, five webbing buckles on the top, a drawstring to tighten the cover, and waterproof zippers that start from each side and go all the way down to the bottom.

I had no issues whatsoever putting my bicycles inside the cover. It was effortless, and you could do it without even having to look at a manual.

So, I used the cover with my SUV and RV, and I can safely say that it doesn’t block the tail lights. It won’t matter whether you’re planning to use it with an SUV, a high-top van, or an RV (I can’t say anything sure for a sedan, but it shouldn’t be a problem).

When I bought the cover, it didn’t come alone. I received a handy storage bag to keep the tarp inside it whenever I wasn’t using it.

Now, if I’m being frank, then I have to admit, I really didn’t think the cover would last for a long time. When I inspected the individual parts of the tarp, I had a feeling that the JOY-TECH bike cover won’t survive like the other covers I’ve used.

I have used the item only a couple of times and for short trips, so I can’t really comment on its durability. So, if you need a bike cover for mini outings, then you can look into the JOY-TECH tarp; otherwise, I would suggest you check out the other tarps.

How to Find the Perfect Bike Cover for Your Hitch Rack

There are quite a few things you need to consider before deciding on getting a bicycle cover for hitch rack. You can’t just go and purchase a bike tarp that has a shiny exterior. Trust me, I’ve been down that road, and it was a complete waste of my money and time.

So, I would suggest you take a look at the options available and decide for yourself whether the bike tarp you’re getting is suitable for the weather condition of your area or has the perfect size to accommodate your bicycles, or is appropriate for your vehicle.

One Needs to Check the Material the Cover is Made of

As you’re going to use a bike cover for a hitch rack, it is evident that you’ll need something that can stand the test of time and protect your bicycles from the elements of bad weather.

However, there are quite a few options out there, and it’s best if you know which type of material is best suited to your needs. If you dive in without knowing bicycle tarp fabric, then one of two things may happen: either you’ll end up with a lousy cover that is not suited to protect your bikes, or you’ll end up spending more money than you need to.

Coming back to the point. A few types of materials are used to make bicycle covers; however, only a few are worth mentioning. Take a look.


Polyurethane is famous for its ability to stretch. Therefore, it is also known as an elastomeric polymer.

Did you know that polyurethane is used to make spandex? Well, now you know. Furthermore, polyurethane is almost completely waterproof, easy to clean, and able to resist abrasion.

It is one of the most durable and cheapest fabrics out there. However, polyurethane isn’t very soft, meaning it has a rigid texture. It is also weak against heat, so it may start to melt unless it is treated as a flame retardant.


Nylon, on the other hand, is more expensive than polyurethane and polyester. However, it has a much better appearance than both polyester and polyurethane.

Nylon is more durable than the other two fabrics. It is water-resistant, flame-resistant, and even odor-resistant. It is also able to resist UV rays, but not polyester does a better job in this department. Nylon is machine washable, so it is easy to take care of.


Polyester is known to be the best material for bike covers, but it does have a few shortcomings. So, it isn’t as stylish as nylon and is not very breathable.

Nevertheless, polyester is highly durable, waterproof, UV and flame-resistant. It is also more affordable and versatile compared to the other two fabrics.

If you’re planning to go on long trips, nothing beats a polyester bike cover; however, the other two fabrics are a better choice for short trips.


The sturdiness and durability of materials are specified with the letter’ D.’ The letter ‘D’ means Denier, which implies the strength of a fabric.

The durability and thickness of a material are directly connected to its Denier. The higher the Denier, the stronger the fabric is. For instance, a bike cover made up of 120D or 240D material isn’t very durable. You can’t use them for long journeys.

You will need a fabric with a higher Denier for big trips. For instance, a bicycle tarp featuring a 420D or 600D material.

Bike Covers Have Safety Features As Well

After deciding what material to go with, you need to look for other features on the cover. For example, bicycle tarps tend to balloon up when you’re driving fast, or the wind is strong.

The best way to get rid of the problem is to get a cover that comes with buckles and drawstrings, which you can use to keep the tarp tightened to the bicycles and strap down any extra material.

On the other hand, lock holes are also necessary because you never know when someone might try to steal your prized bikes.

You can also try looking for some minor features like air vents and see-through PVC because it will make your overall experience smoother.

Make Sure You Have the Right Size at Your Hands

Finding the perfect size cover for your bikes is challenging, especially if you’re purchasing the item online. So, the first thing you should do before getting a tarp is measure the height and length of your bicycles.

Now you can compare it to the measurements of the cover and act accordingly. Make sure to always get a tarp that is a little bigger than your bikes. You can strap down the extra material, but you can’t squeeze a bicycle inside a small cover.

Parting Words

What is gone is gone, I can’t go back in time and save my old bicycles, but you can. You still have the time to do the right thing for your bicycles. With the help of a good bike cover,you still have the chance to protectthem from the worst.

Anyways, whether you get a tarp or not is totally up to you. Just make sure to choose the best bike cover for hitch rack that can accommodate your needs. For instance, if you want a bike cover for lengthy trips, then stick to something with a 600D material.

Now that you know everything there is to learn about bike cover for a hitch rack, it’s time you decide what your next move should be. Good Luck!

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