Best Bike Racks for Tesla Model Y: Products that Go Well with the Super Car!

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The day I got my hands on the Tesla Model Y, it was like a dream come true. I couldn’t wait to go on a trip with my bicycles in my very own luxury car. As you can guess, I didn’t think about the consequences and took my most expensive bikes and the Tesla.

High chance I wouldn’t be here today sharing my experience of bike racks for Tesla Model Y if I had paid more attention to the rack I was using on my first trip with the car. I started that day with a big smile on my face but returned home with scratches and dents on both my bicycles and Tesla.

It made me realize the significance of the compatibility between a rack and a car. Thus, I made it my mission to find the best bike rack for Tesla Model Y, and today, I’m here to share my years of knowledge with you guys.

So, before doing something rash like I did, take a step back, go through the list and avoid getting your bikes and Tesla thrashed.

Top 6 Bike Rack for Tesla Model Y

Best Bike Racks for Tesla Model Y

Down below are the best bike racks for Tesla Model Y available on the market. I’ve handpicked them myself, tested and used them, and found them to be better than other bicycle carriers. So, have a look to know what these racks are capable of.

1. Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack

Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack

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The NV 2.0 from Kuat is the very definition of a premium bike rack. I haven’t seen something like this for a long time. The upgrade from Kuat Sherpa to the NV is remarkable.

Kuat has really outdone themselves with the NV 2.0. Now, you may think that I’m overstating the fact, but wait till you see what the rack has to offer.

Okay, I must admit, it was tough getting my hands on the rack. I would be lying if I said my wallet didn’t shed some tears that day because the NV 2.0 is pretty expensive.

This is why most people would be reluctant to buy it. However, once you get a taste of it, you can never come back.

I was into the rack after the very first look. I loved the way the carrier looked and also the beautifully imagined color combination of it. I checked out all the small and big parts and realized that it would take years before the rack fell apart.

So, you have my vote of confidence on the NV 2.0’s durability.

I bought the NV 2.0 model that came with a 2-inch hitch, as I had already installed a 2-inch receiver on my Tesla long before I got the rack.

The installation process wasn’t very challenging, but the weight can cause some issues. You don’t need any tools whatsoever to install the carrier.

Simply lift the rack and put the hitch inside the receiver. There is a locking hitch pin and a knob that keeps the NV 2.0 secured on the car and prevents wobbling.

The rack weighs about 62 pounds, so you may have a hard time lifting it and putting the hitch inside the receiver. Moreover, it will reduce your car’s overall mileage.

Anyways, the rack is capable of accommodating two bicycles. Each platform has a weight capacity of 60lbs, which brings it to a total of 120lbs. Additionally, the trays are suitable for bikes with tires as wide as 4.8-inches and a wheelbase of 48-inches.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a mountain or fat tire bike because the rack can accommodate almost any type of bicycle. For me, it was the Yeti SB130 and the Trek Farley 7.

Usually, I’m unable to carry these bicycles together without an adapter because they differ a lot from each other. However, the adjustable tire cradle system of the rack made sure I didn’t have a problem mounting a mountain and a fat tire bicycle.

Apart from that, there are ratcheting straps at the back and ratcheting arms at the front to secure the bikes. It also features cable locks to keep your bicycles safe from theft.

The NV 2.0 can tilt up and down using a lever for rear vehicle access. It can also use an add-on to carry four bikes instead of two bicycles.

If you’re already impressed with the NV 2.0, then your jaws will drop once you hear about the last and undoubtedly the best feature of the rack.

The Kuat NV 2.0 has an integrated trail doc bike stand. It means you can change the carrier into a repair station whenever you feel like working on your bicycles.

So, with the NV 2.0, you’re not just getting a bike rack but also a functioning repair station.

2. Yakima FullSwing Swing Away Hitch Rack

Yakima FullSwing

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The next rack on my list is a personal favorite, and it’s none other than the Yakima FullSwing. I wasn’t a very big fan of the carrier when I first bought it, but over time it grew up on me.

By the time I learned about all the ins and outs of the rack, I realized the worth of the rack and just howconvenient it is.

So, the reason why I was a little reluctant about getting the FullSwing is that it didn’t look as magnificent as the Kuat NV 2.0. However, I knew about Yakima and their unorthodox ideas, so I gave the rack the benefit of the doubt.

If I didn’t put my faith in Yakima that day, I would’ve missed out on a great bike rack. I had a blast with the FullSwing. The first thing I noticed about the carrier is that it is a hanging-style hitch rack that is able to accommodate four bicycles.

It features four bike slots with zip trips and anti-sways to secure bikes and prevent them from coming into contact with each other while you’re driving. The weight limit for one bike is 40lbs; however, the total weight capacity of the rack is 150lbs and not 160lbs.

Although there are four bike slots on the rack, it’s almost impossible to mount more than three bicycles on it unless one of them is a kid’s bike.

On one of my trips with the carrier, I took the REI Electra cruiser (36lbs), Yeti SB130 (29lbs), Giant Contend SL 1 (19.9lbs), and the Frog 44 (14lbs). Some of the bikes I took had a slanted top tube, so I needed to use the TubeTop adapter, which I had to buy separately.

Mounting the bicycles wasn’t a tough job, but the Frog 44 was too small for the frame; thus, I had to place the seat and not the top frame on one arm and the front handle on the other. Nevertheless, the arms featured thick padding, so they didn’t scratch or dent the bicycles in any way.

The Yakima FullSwing doesn’t feel like the most durable rack out there, but it is decent enough to get the job done. It has a black and red finish, which I think is pretty stylish.

The rack weighs around 56 pounds, so it’s quite heavy. However, the Tesla Model Y isn’t a tall vehicle, so you shouldn’t have a problem installing the rack.

The hitch, on the other hand, features an AutoPin with a speed knob. Once you slide the hitch inside the receiver, the pin automatically positions itself. Afterward, you can just turn the SpeedKnob to tighten the carrier; no tools are required.

If you take a close look, you’ll notice that the arms and the speed knob come with cable locks and a locking hole, respectively. You can use them to secure your bikes and the rack to the vehicle with the help of the included key.

The Yakima FullSwing can swing away even when it is fully loaded with bicycles for accessing the trunk. You can also fold the arms to have a low profile if you’re not carrying bikes.

Overall, the Yakima FullSwing comes with everything you need for a safe and smooth journey. Therefore, I believe it is the best bike rack for Tesla Model Y.

3. Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe

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Till now, all the racks I’ve mentioned can be out of reach for many people because of their gigantic price tag. So, I think it’s time I introduce something that is more affordable yet decent enough to satisfy the needs of bicycle enthusiasts.

The first few carriers I bought made a significant dent in my wallet, so I decided to browse through some budget-friendly racks. While looking for affordable racks that aren’t a total waste of money, I bumped into the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-bike hitch rack.

Honestly, I had doubts about the carrier, mainly because of its low price. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be a great purchase, and believe me when I say you can’t expect anything better for the price you’re paying.

As you can guess from the name, it’s a hitch-mounted rack that can accommodate four bicycles. So, make sure you have a receiver installed before you get the carrier.

I should also mention there are a couple of versions of the rack, depending on the hitch size and the number of bikes it can carry. You can check them out and choose a model that suits your needs.

Anyways, I got the 4-bike version, which came with a 2-inch hitch. The rack wasn’t fully assembled out of the box, but the process was a piece of cake.

Installing the carrier to my Tesla was also an effortless task, mainly because it weighed only 22lbs, and the hitch came with a quick install feature. You only have to slide the hitch inside the receiver and turn the knob to tighten the rack.

The knob also came with a lock hole on the Deluxe Locking version, and two included keys to keep the rack safe from thieves.

The Allen Sports Deluxe is suitable for a wide range of bicycles. However, you’ll need to use an adapter for bikes with a slanted top. Some kids’ bicycles will fit on the rack, but most of them won’t because of the distance between the arms. However, you can bypass the issue with a few simple tricks, like turning the bikes upside down or using an adapter, etc.

Nonetheless, you should try to carry one less bike than the given number. For instance, haul three bicycles on the 4-bike hitch rack and four on a 5-bike model. It reduces the risk of your bikes scratching or denting one another.

The rack comes with foldable arms, which you can fold up or down using a cotter pin. You can also tilt the mast with another cotter pin to access the trunk of your Tesla. It’s possible to tilt the rack when it’s fully loaded, but I wouldn’t take the risk if I were you.

The overall construction didn’t seem as strong as the ones of Kuat NV 2.0 or Yakima FullSwing, so I refrained from titling the mast with the bikes on. As they say, you have to lose some to gain some.

4. MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

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My journey of searching for affordable bike racks didn’t stop with the Allen Sports Deluxe. Even after getting the carrier, I kept on looking for alternatives that could do the same or a better job.

After going through some disappointing racks, I’ve finally found an alternative to the Allen Sports Deluxe, and it is none other than the MaxxHaul 50027.

Unlike the Allen Sports bike rack, this one is a platform-style hitch-mounted carrier. It wouldn’t have been much of an alternative unless both racks didn’t differ from one other.

So, the reason I included the MaxxHaul 50027 in the list is that it costs nearly the same as Allen Sports Deluxe, yet both of them are almost completely different from each other.

Before diving into the details, I would like to inform you guys about one more thing. The older versions of the MaxxHaul 50027 were a little different from the one I’ve used.

I bought the MaxxHaul 50027 a couple of months ago, so my one had some features which the older models don’t have.

Now that it’s out of the way, let’s talk about features. So, the MaxxHaul 50027 can carry up to two bicycles. Although it says 20 to 26-inches bikes only, I was able to haul my 29er on it.

However, if you do mount a bicycle with a bigger tire than the recommended wheelbase, you need to use extra Velcro straps to make sure the bikes stay safe and in place.

The maximum weight capacity of the rack is about 80lbs, so it means 40lbs for each platform. Don’t extend the limit, or you may get into some severe problems.

The carrier doesn’t come fully assembled out of the box, so you will need to attach the parts before you can use it. However, installation is pretty easy, and it’s a one-man job.

Afterward, it comes with two padded arms with hooks and tire cradles with rubber straps. Both arms and tire cradles can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of bicycles.

The MaxxHaul 50027 doesn’t weigh much, so almost any adult can lift it up and slide it inside the hitch without any help. However, you will need to purchase some extra tighteners or screws to secure the rack and the hitch to the receiver.

The newer version of the rack can be tilted with or without the bicycles mounted for trunk access. I would recommend you don’t try to tilt the rack when it’s fully loaded. The overall construction isn’t very strong, so if your bikes are heavy, they may cause damage to the mast.

It’s a little annoying that there are no folding features. It means you can’t fold the carrier for storage purposes. You will either need to disassemble the entire rack or keep it the way it is. Despite having a few drawbacks, I still consider it a great bicycle carrier for Tesla Model Y, especially because of how affordable it is.

5. KAC K2 2″ Hitch Mounted Rack

KAC K2 2

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One more hitch rack that has found its way to my heart is the KAC K2. I had a fabulous experience with the carrier because of its unique features and, of course, its top-tier build. It isn’t as budget-friendly as the Allen Sports Deluxe and MaxxHaul 50027; however, it is of much better quality and more convenient than the two.

I got to know about the rack from a friend of mine. He suggested I check it out, and what do you know, I did and found it irresistible. I brought it back home with me and never regretted purchasing the carrier, not even for a second.

So, the rack featured almost everything I needed for a smooth journey with my Tesla. However, I had to assemble it, which I usually don’t prefer. Unlike the other racks I’ve mentioned, this one was a little more difficult to assemble. It took me a few times before I was able to attach all the parts correctly. But over time, the process became easier.

So, the KAC K2 is a hitch-mounted rack that can accommodate a total of two bicycles. I was able to haul almost all types of bikes on it. The adjustable wheel cradles are suitable for the fattest of tires (5-inch maximum) and the thinnest ones as well. I tried mounting a road, fat tire, kid’s, mountain, and even e-bikes on the rack. It was able to carry all of them (not together) without any issue whatsoever.

There are also wheel straps on the tire cradles. The hooks and the straps were enough to make sure my bikes won’t fall off during a long trip.

The maximum weight capacity of the rack is about 120lbs, meaning 60lbs for one platform. It is enough to accommodate all types of bicycles out there. However, the carrier’s weight is also a bit too much for my taste. It weighs around 50lbs, so you may have a tough time hauling it in your car.

The hitch, on the other hand, came with a locking pin. The keys and the spares were included with the purchase, so I could lock the rack to my car without having to worry about thieves.

But what about the safety of the bicycles? The rack features two adjustable arms with padded hooks. These hooks have locks on them, which you can use to keep them and your bikes in place and safe from theft.

Apart from that, the rack comes with a feature called Quick Release Smart Tilt. It allows the carrier to tilt away when you need to access the rear or trunk, even when it is fully loaded with bikes. Just make sure not to let it fall without any support.

The carrier can also be folded almost entirely for parking or storing when not in use. If you ever feel like going on a solo trip with only one of your bicycles, you can remove one of the platforms and turn the 2-bike rack into a 1-bike rack.

The KAC K2 has all the features you want or need on a bicycle carrier, which is why it is the best bike rack for Tesla Model Y.

6. ROCKBROS Suction Cup Bike Rack

ROCKBROS Suction Cup Bike Rack

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Okay, I’m down to the final one on my list. I have been thinking a lot about getting a rack that can enhance the look of my Tesla while I’m hauling bicycles on it. So, after searching high and low, I found the ROCKBROS Suction Cup bike rack.

It’s different from your usual roof-mounted carrier and entirely different from hitch-mounted ones. Usually, roof racks need a crossbar for support, but the ROCKBROS carrier doesn’t need crossbars or anything to stay secured on the top of any car.

The rack consists of two parts: the front and the rear suction cups. The front suction cups have a bar and thru-axles on them, while the rear ones are there to hold the wheels.

I should inform you guys that the carrier won’t accommodate bicycles with the front wheel attached. You’ll need to remove the front wheel and attach the thru-axle to the adapters on the bar.

So, the rack comes in a few different versions. I used the 2-bike model, but there are one and 3-bike models and an electric 1 to 3-bike model. So, the carrier works like any average suction cup. It attaches to a surface, and you can haul bicycles on it.

There are cylinder rods on every suction cup, and you need to keep pressing them till the white line disappears completely. It took about 20 to 25 pushes to remove all the air and make the white line vanish. Never mount a bicycle before making sure the line is not there.

So, the rack has a maximum weight capacity of 88lbs, and it can accommodate a wide range of bicycles. I tried mounting a few mountain and road bikes, and it seemed to be a good fit. The rear suction cups come with Velcro straps to keep the back wheel secured in place. However, it will be best if you use a few more straps.

I really loved the unique compact design of the rack. It’s almost invisible to the eye and looks like your bikes are on the roof without anything to hold them.

However, there is a drawback to the design. I had a tough time securing the rack to the roof and my bicycles on the rack. Mounting your bikes on the carrier alone is very challenging, so I would suggest you bring an extra pair of hands.

Remember to always attach the front portion of the rack to a flat surface. The suction is quite strong, so if you place the cups on the curve of the windshield, it will crack the glasses. On the other hand, the suction cups won’t cause any damage to a glass sunroof as it is a flat surface. In fact, it’s better if you have a sunroof because you can easily monitor your bicycles.

The ROCKBROS rack is relatively cheaper compared to other carriers of the same design, so I would say it’s worth the money.

Bike Rack for Tesla Model Y: The New and Improved Buying Guide

Here are a few things you need to consider before deciding on getting a rack for your Tesla Y. Make sure to check them out, or you may end up with a carrier that is unable to meet your requirements.

Bike Rack Type

There are a total of three types of bicycle carriers, depending on their mounting style. Not all of them would be suitable for a Tesla Model Y, so make sure you know what you’re getting.

Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

Hitch-mounted carriers are the most common and widely used bicycle rack for any vehicle. There are two categories of hitch racks: platform and hanging style.

Hitch-mounted carriers are more stable than any other rack. However, you will need to install a hitch receiver on your car before you can use them. Moreover, they are pretty expensive almost all the time.

Roof-Mounted Bike Rack

There are two types of roof racks: standard and suction cup style rack. Traditional roof-mounted racks let you carry only one bicycle, and you will need a crossbar to use them. However, they aren’t costly, so they are still preferred by many people.

Suction cup roof carriers, on the other hand, let you haul more than one bike on them. Furthermore, you don’t need a crossbar to use them. However, they are a little tough to use, and if you’re not careful enough, it could put your bikes at risk.

Trunk-Mounted or Boot Bike Rack

Trunk racks usually connect to the trunk or hatch of your vehicle. I don’t prefer trunk-mounted carriers for Tesla because they may scratch the rear window or the trunk’s surface.

I didn’t mention any boot rack in my list because the Tesla Model Y isn’t a cheap sedan, so there is no point in taking a risk and damaging the exterior of my car.

Number of Bikes to Carry

After settling on a type, you need to decide how many bicycles you want to haul on your rack. Usually, platform-style hitch racks let you mount only two bikes. You can carry up to four bicycles with them using an adapter; however, these adapters need to be purchased separately.

On the other hand, you can use a hanging-style hitch carrier to carry four or even five bikes. However, they aren’t as stable as the former. Platform-style racks are safer and can keep your bikes more secure compared to hanging-style carriers.

Afterward, there is the suction cup roof rack, which can carry up to two or three bicycles. So, you have to decide on a carrier, depending on how many bikes you need to haul.


It’s best if you get a rack that comes with an integrated locking system. This way, you can keep your carrier and bikes safe without having to worry about theft.

You can also buy some external locks if your rack doesn’t feature built-in ones. Keep in mind that carriers with integrated locking mechanisms are more expensive.


As you’ve seen, I have mentioned both premium and budget-friendly racks in my list. Premium bicycle carriers such as the Kuat NV 2.0 and the Yakima FullSwing are indeed outstanding, but it doesn’t mean affordable racks like the Allen Sports Deluxe and MaxxHaul 50027 aren’t good enough.

Yes, you will get fewer features from budget-friendly carriers, but it will end up saving you quite a lot of money. However, if you’re not on a tight budget, you should stick to the premium ones as they offer the best experience.

Some Final Advice

You can get the best out of a rack only when you can figure out which type best suits your needs, your bikes, and especially your car. So, you need to settle on a category first.

Afterward, you can choose a rack, depending on its quality and other features. For instance, if you don’t have a hitch receiver or a crossbar and don’t want to install them at all, suction cup roof racks are perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want ultimate stability and durability, yet something that can haul four bikes, then nothing beats hitch-mounted carriers.

The best bike rack for Tesla Model Y is the one that can fulfill your needs completely. So, I’ve given you all the information you need to make a proper decision. From this moment, you are the judge, the jury, and the executioner. Good Luck! I hope you find the perfect rack.

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