Are Car Bike Racks Universal

Are Car Bike Racks Universal?

One question I get asked often is – are car bike racks universal? You see, nothing confuses a bike owner as bike racks. With different types of car bike racks out there, it’s understandable why anyone would be confused. Actually, one could say that car bike racks are not universal. However, with some modifications, some … Read more

How to Store Bike Rack in Garage

How to Store Bike Rack in Garage Safely – Tested Methods

One question most bike owners frequently ask is how to store bike rack in garage. You already have a beautiful bike and an accompanying bike rack to go with it. The last thing you want is to store your bike rack carelessly. Now, there are a lot of bike racks you probably know of; roof … Read more

How to Lock Bike To Bike Parking Rack

How to Lock Bike To Bike Parking Rack Properly

Businesses have started realizing that bikers make up a good number of their customers. Little wonder we are beginning to see more businesses setting up a bike parking rack/stand for their customers. Come to think of it, riding a bike to a café, a restaurant, a mall, school or even a business establishment is becoming … Read more

Car Bike Rack Safety Tips

Car Bike Rack Safety Tips

Every bike lover knows the importance of having a car bike rack. Car bike racks are very functional and a necessity. Not only can you attach your bike to a car rack, but you can also attach cargo and bags on it to create more space in your car. It doesn’t matter if what you … Read more

How to Lock a Bike without Bike Parking Rack

How to Lock a Bike without Bike Parking Rack

Sometimes when you go out with your bike, you may need to stop over at the mall, eatery, and other places unplanned. This can happen when you leave the house without having a bite to eat. And when nature calls, you have to make a quick dash to the public restroom. In such situations, you … Read more

Does Walmart Have Bike Racks

Does Walmart Have Bike Racks Outside To Park Bike?

One common question I always get is – does Walmart have bike racks outside to park bike? If you are like me that spend thousands of dollars getting a good bike, then you sure want to secure it wherever you go. I cannot risk parking my bike outside for a quick dash into the mall … Read more

How Can I Remember My Bike On The Roof

4 Tested Ways – How Can I Remember My Bike On The Roof ?

It may sound funny, but people do actually forget their bikes on the roof. The worst thing that can happen to any bike lover is having their bike damaged simply because they forgot it was on their car roof. This reminds me of my friend’s experience. He has always been very careful whenever he had … Read more

SeaSucker Bike Rack Failure

SeaSucker Bike Rack Failure – Common Issues & Solutions

SeaSucker bike racks are unique bike racks that help to hold your bike in place. They are not like the conventional bike racks you’re already used to. But they do make a lot of difference and come in handy. As with anything different, you may have some concerns about the effectiveness of this type of … Read more