Laws Regarding Bike Racks On Cars

There are some laws regarding bike racks on cars. Most states have a law that says different things about using bike racks on cars. Some say you can’t use it at all. And some say following a few rules, one can install bike racks on their vehicles. As you have already guessed, this very article … Read more


Bike Rack Security – Everything You Need to Know

Bike racks are a convenient way to take your bike with you on the go, but they can also be an easy target for thieves. While there are many things you can do to protect your bike from theft, securing your bike rack is one of the most important steps. And that is what this … Read more

Platform vs Hanging Bike Rack

Platform vs Hanging Bike Rack — Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to transporting your bikes on your car, hitch racks are arguably the best way to do so. These racks are great at keeping things simple and don’t require anything other than a hitch receiver to work with a car. Additionally, they effectively keep the bike stable, introduce no significant drag to the … Read more

Different Types of Bike Racks

Different Types of Bike Racks For Car & Storage

Imagine this, you have exhausted all your options but couldn’t quite find the right guide to buying a bike rack for that beautiful bike of yours? One article speaks of three racks, another speaks of five. Who to believe? What to believe? What if there are still other options? Well,this is where your search should … Read more


Does Uber Have Bike Racks?

When you are out on the road biking far away from home, anything can happen! Mother nature can turn to the worst anytime, or you might get tired. Or something emergency might come up which requires your presence as soon as possible.  And if any event like this takes place, what do you do then? … Read more

How to Transport a Bike without a Rack

How to Transport a Bike without a Rack

Bike racks are probably the most convenient method to carry or transport a bike; there’s no denying that. However, there will be situations where you cannot or do not want to take that approach. For example, it doesn’t make sense to buy a whole rack if it’s just a one-off instance. On the other hand, … Read more

Fork Mount vs Upright Bike Rack

Fork Mount vs Upright Bike Rack — The Ups and Downs

There aren’t a lot of alternatives if you want to retain your car’s rear clearance and still want a sturdy and reliable bike rack. One of the prominent ones among the handful of options would be a roof-mount bike rack. These racks keep the car’s trunk or hatchback free to access, allow for a secure … Read more

How Much Do Bike Racks Cost

How Much Do Bike Racks Cost

Now that I spent so much on a bike, do I need to create another dent in my wallet for a bike rack too? That’s the thought that went through my mind, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone. Bike racks are incredibly crucial, and not just to carry your bike — to keep … Read more


How to Transport a Tandem Bike

Let’s take it this way,you are a Tandem Bike enthusiast. You want to have a joyride with your friend on your bike, but how do you carry your tandem bike to those places you dreamt of? Will you need a standard bike rack to carry tandem bike? A specialized one? Where do you carry your … Read more