How to Transport a Tandem Bike

Let’s take it this way,you are a Tandem Bike enthusiast. You want to have a joyride with your friend on your bike, but how do you carry your tandem bike to those places you dreamt of? Will you need a standard bike rack to carry tandem bike? A specialized one? Where do you carry your … Read more

How to Keep Bikes from Swaying on Bike Rack

How to Keep Bikes from Swaying on Bike Rack

You know that feeling while driving your car and watching your beloved bike sway back and forth? Well, you’re not the only one who despises it. First off, the rattling noise it makes is intolerable. But it’s not just that; too much sway can even end up damaging a bike (and the car, too), depending … Read more

Trunk Rack vs Roof Rack

Trunk Rack vs Roof Rack — A Detailed Comparison

You can go about two ways when shopping for a bike rack — one that precisely suits your car or one that’s more versatile and forgiving. Contrary to what one might assume, both sides have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks. In that aspect, one of the biggest debates is between truck rack vs … Read more

Roof Bike Rack or Hitch Bike Rack

Roof Bike Rack or Hitch Bike Rack — Which Way to Go?

Cars are great if you need to transport yourself, but what if you need to carry another transport? Namely, your bike? Bike racks come in to save the day. Given the plethora of different options, getting one become easier than ever. However, with options arrive confusions. One such mystery is whether one should opt for … Read more

Hitch vs Trunk Bike Rack – The Actual Comparison!

Once you have decided that you’re getting a bike rack for your vehicle, the rest of the buying process should be pretty straightforward. Except it isn’t. A large stream of questions keeps flowing in instead. Where should I mount the bike rack? Should I opt for a hitch or a trunk bike rack? Would it … Read more

How to Transport Bikes Without a Hitch

So, you’re ready for your next adventure, and you need to get your bike with you. A bike rack sounds like the perfect solution for that, only that your vehicle doesn’t have a hitch mount. This is a situation many of us are familiar with. Getting a hitch mount would require extra work, and not … Read more