Does Walmart Have Bike Racks Outside To Park Bike?

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One common question I always get is – does Walmart have bike racks outside to park bike?

If you are like me that spend thousands of dollars getting a good bike, then you sure want to secure it wherever you go.

I cannot risk parking my bike outside for a quick dash into the mall only to come out and my bike is missing.

As someone who loves cycling to the mall, and with one of my favorite places to shop being Walmart, I have to consider the safety of my bike.

My guess is that you too would love to know if you can safely park your bike when you go to Walmart.

Not to worry, this article will provide you with everything you need to know when taking your bike to Walmart.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive right into it.

Walmart Is Biker Friendly – How True Is That?

Does Walmart Have Bike Racks Outside To Park Bike

One thing many bikers can attest to is that Walmart is biker-friendly.

The staffs would gladly offer you several options like pointing to where you can safely park your bike. Other times, they would offer to look after it for you while you shop.

Some Walmart stores also allow you to push your bike with you as you shop. But if you would prefer to park your bike close to where the shopping carts are, you can also do that. All you need is to ask one of the staff to keep an eye on it for you.

Is There Bike Parking In Walmart?

Not all Walmart stores have bike racks for bikers. But there are a good number of them that have bike racks.

The bike racks are usually located far from the entrance of the store. While this is very thoughtful, many cyclists don’t make use of it. The reason is that the distance makes targeting the bike easy for thieves.

If you were unlucky to visit a Walmart that doesn’t have bike racks, you can always ask the staff to help you out.

Where Can I Lock My Bike Outside Of Walmart

You can always lock your bike to any of the bike racks provided outside by Walmart in many of its stores. You can also attach your bike to a grocery cart and lock it with a U-lock.

But if you really want to lock your bike away from Walmart premises, then you need to make sure that the bike is attached to something solid. Any object that cannot be lifted easily like a tree, a pole, or even a fence will do.

While at it, make sure it is somewhere that people can easily see when someone wants to try something fishy with your bike.

Can I Bring My Bike Into Walmart?

In the past, it was very possible to bring your bike into Walmart while you shop. But things are changing. And so are rules.

Some people get offended seeing other people bring their bikes into the store. Therefore, you may find that some Walmart stores do not allow people to bring in their bikes.

This may not be very convenient for you, but they are trying to protect the interest of people that consider it unhygienic and inconveniencing to see people with bikes in the store.

What to Do If There Is No Bike Rack Outside to Park

Not all Walmart stores have bike rack. When there is no bike rack provided, you should try any of the options listed below:

Remove the chain from the gear

When you remove the chain from your bike’s rear gears, no one can ride it. If you can, take the chain along with you to the store while you lock your bike to any solid object outside. That way, your bike is less likely to be stolen.

Lock both wheels together

One way you can discourage a thief from stealing your bike is to make it difficult to do so. And to do that, remove the front wheel of your bike and tie it to the rear wheel. You also need to tie your frame as well.

Take off the front wheel

This option is related to the option above. The only difference here is that as you take off the wheel, you can take it along with you. I wonder how a thief would want to steal a bike with one of its wheel missing.

Take off the bike seat

Another thing you can take off your bike is the bike seat. The thought of stealing a bike and not being able to ride it because of no seat can dissuade someone from stealing it.

Insert your bike in the midst of others

If the bike rack has been filled up by other bikes, you can hide yours in the midst of the parked bikes. Thieves are usually in a hurry to steal and won’t have the time to check which bike is not locked. So, you can get away with placing your bike where secured bikes are while you shop.

Hide your bike

If everything else fails, then your only option will be to hide your bike. Look for places that are not easy to sight and hide your bike there. A good place to hide your bike is in a bush, behind a parked car, a dumpster, or anywhere else that the bike will not be seen easily.


When it comes to securing your bike when you’re outside, you can’t afford to take chances.

If the Walmart store or any other store that you shop from does not have a bike racks for parking, then consider driving to the store. It’s more difficult to steal a parked car than a parked bike.

But if they made provision for bike racks, then by all means go with your bike.

And if you are unsure of whether the store has a bike rack or not, you can try to see things for yourself.

But make sure to apply our tips if there is no bike racks and you need to secure your bike.

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