4 Tested Ways – How Can I Remember My Bike On The Roof ?

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It may sound funny, but people do actually forget their bikes on the roof.

The worst thing that can happen to any bike lover is having their bike damaged simply because they forgot it was on their car roof.

This reminds me of my friend’s experience. He has always been very careful whenever he had his bike on his roof.

On this fateful day, he got back from a cycling trip with friends. They did have some drinks after the cycling and he headed home. 

Getting to his garage, he forgot that he had his bike on the roof and drove under the garage.

You can guess what happened. His windscreen, bike, and garage door got damaged.

This can happen to anyone.                                                           

It’s not just when you drive through a garage that you should be careful. You could also drive through a low-hanging bridge and face the same challenge.

My friend’s experience is what prompted me to write this article. I don’t want you to go through such a painful experience.

And to avoid you experiencing the same thing, here is how to remember your bike on your roof.

How Can I Remember My Bike On The Roof?

How Can I Remember My Bike On The Roof

1. Block Your Garage Door Entrance

When you block the entrance to your garage door with a storage box, a chair, or anything, you will come down to move it before driving in. Stepping out of your car will help you sight that you have a bike on your roof. That way, you won’t risk damaging your car, roof rack, or bike.

2. Place A Sign On Your Dashboard/Steering Wheel

Placing a sign on your dashboard/steering wheel is another way to remind yourself that you have a bike on your roof. Your eyes will keep going there helping you to subconsciously remember that your bike is on the roof.

3. Get RackReminder App

The RackReminder App will warn you whenever you are about 1200 meters away from your garage. The way it works is that you input the position of your garage. Then when you are getting close to your garage, an alarm will go off to remind you that you have your bike on your roof. The app is not free and is only available to iOS users. But there is another way you can go about this if you are not an iOS user.

You can set an alarm on your phone that will go off before you get home.

4. Install a HeadsUp System

A HeadsUp System will cost you some money, but I guess it’s better to spend money on it than replacing your bike when damaged. The HeadsUp System comes with an alarm and LED sign that is fixed on your car wall. It also comes with tags that you can fix on your bike. These tags trigger the alarm so that you remember that you have your bike on the roof.

Now that you know some ways to remind yourself that you have your bike on your roof, there are other questions we should look into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a bike on a roof basket?

If your car comes with a roof basket, then the answer is no. In some cases, people have been able to push aside the basket and then use suction racks like SeaSucker rack to mount their single bike. But this is not a general practice for many. If you want to use a roof bike rack, then you have to remove the roof basket completely.

Do roof bike racks damage your car?

Ordinarily, roof bike racks are not supposed to damage your car, but if you do not install them properly, your car may suffer some scratches. If the nuts and bolts are not tightly fitted on your car’s roof, then the roof bike rack will wobble. And if you have a bike mounted on it, you will be putting not just your rack and car at risk, but the bike as well. So install bike rack properly should be your first step.

Can you lay a bike on a car roof rack?

Bikes are not supposed to be laid flat on a car roof rack. But, you can lay your bike on car roof rack if you put some safety measures in place. To do this safely, try to put socks or thick clothing on your bike pedals, handlebar, and saddle rest to prevent scratches as much as possible. You can also use tapes or foam anywhere the bike comes in contact with your car.

Can I Strap a Bike on the Roof of My Car?

You can try this if you are making a short trip. Also, your car has to have a car-fitted rack that you can strap your bike to. You don’t want your bike falling off as you drive. So, make sure your bike is strapped tightly to the roof of your car. As a safety measure, drive around your neighborhood to see if you will notice any whipping or rattling noise as a result of loose rope or strap. However, it is safer to put your bike in the trunk if you don’t have a roof bike rack.

Strapping a Bike on Roof without Rack is Safe?

Some people have tried it and gotten away with it. But the short and straight answer to it is no. There is a reason a roof bike rack was invented in the first place – to safely transport your bike on the roof. Besides, in some states, it is an offense to carry anything on the roof of your car without having a rack on your car.


I believe you’ve gotten some tips on how to remember your bike on the roof. Don’t think or assume that you can’t forget your bike on your roof because you can. Therefore, to be better safe than sorry, put these measures into practice.

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