How to Store Bike Rack in Garage Safely – Tested Methods

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One question most bike owners frequently ask is how to store bike rack in garage.

You already have a beautiful bike and an accompanying bike rack to go with it. The last thing you want is to store your bike rack carelessly.

Now, there are a lot of bike racks you probably know of; roof bike rack, hitch-mounted rack, trunk racks and the rest.

These racks help you transport your bike from one destination to another.

Leaving your bike rack on the floor of your garage can obstruct easy movement. You or someone else might step on it causing some damage to your bike rack.

It’s also not a good idea to lean your bike rack on the garage wall because it can tip over. And for someone like me that doesn’t like dents on my bike and rack, I wouldn’t want to take such chances.

So, how can you store your bike rack in your garage without having it in the way or damaging it?

I shall get into that in a bit, but before then, let’s tackle why you should store your bike rack in the garage.

Why You Need To Store Bike Rack in Garage

How to Store Bike Rack in Garage

You may be tempted to always leave your bike rack on your car so that you don’t have to install and re-install it every time you need to use it.

But this is not advisable.

There are many reasons why you should not leave your bike rack on your car.

The first reason is that leaving your bike rack on your car can attract thieves. Even if you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars buying it, a thief can steal and sell your bike rack for some money.

Would you be happy buying a bike rack every time someone steals it? Or would you rather store it away in the garage safely?

The main reason you shouldn’t even leave your bike rack on your car is that it can increase your gas mileage.

Because bike racks are usually heavy, they add some weight to your car. This forces your car engine to work harder and use up more gas or fuel.

If your bike rack is the trunk or hitch-type of rack, you may not be able to access your car trunk easily. You are better off taking it off and storing it away so that you can easily make use of your car trunk.

Besides, some drivers may find it difficult to maneuver their cars with their bike rack on.

If the reasons above are not enough as to why you should store your bike rack away, think about the dents that it can leave on your car if you leave it on for long. The constant shaking of the bike racks can leave your car with scratches and dents.

And come to think of it, it can even rust because of the constant exposure to elements like sun, snow and rain.

Another thing is that you might have to buy another bike rack if the one you have breaks because it’s constantly on your car.

To sum it up, leaving your bike rack can increase your car maintenance.

I guess you’ve seen why removing your bike rack and storing it in the garage when not in use is a better idea.

Now that we have sorted out why you need to store your bike rack in the garage, let’s get into how to store different types of bike rack.

How Do You Store A Hitch Bike Rack In The Garage?

Store A Hitch Bike Rack In The Garage

Hitch bike racks mount on the trailer rear part of your car. They make lifting and removing your bike on your car easier than a roof bike rack. They are easy to install and use. Hitch bike racks are also a good option for people that want to haul more than one bike on their cars. While maneuvering and backing up your car might be a little difficult when you have a hitch bike rack on your car, they are, however, a very popular means of transporting bikes.

You need to store your hitch bike rack in the garage when it’s not in use without it being in the way.

So, how best can you store your hitch bike rack?

The best option is to get a hitch bike dock for it. This will keep your bike rack safe and easy to reach in the garage.

We recommend two products that you can choose from. They are solidly built and are popular among cyclists.

1. Kuat Rack Dock

The first one is the Kuat Rack Dock that can fit hitch bikes of 1.2 inches to 2 inches.

The Kuat Rack Dock will get your bike rack up off your garage floor so that it doesn’t obstruct movement and space. Leaning your hitch bike rack up against your garage wall or on the floor can leave it with scratches and dents overtime. And you certainly don’t want it knocked over.

The Kuat Rack Dock prevents all these from happening. What you will be left with is a more organized space and floor.

Features of Kuat Rack Dock:

  • Can support a 4-bike rack of up to 100 pounds
  • Comes with a magnetic faceplate for easy rack release
  • Includes all needed hardware
  • Can serve as maintenance or repair stand for your bike
  • Easy to install
  • Adds aesthetical attributes to your garage
  • Comes with hitch adaptor

With the Kuat Rack Dock, transferring your hitch bike rack off and on your car becomes very easy and quick.

2. 1UP USA Rack Stash

The next product we recommend is the 1UP USA Rack stash. It doesn’t just serve as storage for your hitch bike rack, but can also serve as cargo and ski garage organizer.

With the 1UP USA hitch bike rack stash, you can easily remove your rack from your car and store it away on the wall.

It can even hold up bikes on the receiver hitch bike rack. This product provides the right level so that you won’t have to grunt or strain your back trying to slide in your rack.

Features of 1UP USA Rack:

  • Thick and solid stainless steel construction
  • Rust resistance with powder-coated finish
  • Can fit two ball mounts of up to 1.25 inches bike rack
  • Installation hardware for hassle-free installation
  • Vertically installed for more space on the wall
  • Serves as a work stand for repairing your bike
  • Adjustable

For less than $100 USD, you can get any of these hitch bike rack storage for the best protection of your hitch bike rack.

How Do You Store A Trunk Mount Bike Rack In The Garage?

Trunk mount bike racks are regarded as the most versatile and cost-effective bike rack system any cyclist can have.

This type of rack is meant to be attached to the rear part of your car trunk.

It is mostly held in place with a band. The springs and arms that come with this type of bike rack helps to keep your bike in place when in transit. It can also take up to three bikes at a time.

Coming to how to store the trunk mount bike rack in the garage, this is pretty easy. All you have to do is fold it and store it away in the garage.

Because of how trunk mount bike racks are, you can hang them on your garage wall. It doesn’t really call for any fancy wall holder to have it on your wall.

You can drill holes in your garage wall, then install strong wall or bar holders in place. Then you can hang your trunk mount bike on it.

This is a great way to protect your trunk mount bike rack from cluttering your garage or obstructing movement.

If you have an existing cubicle or cupboard in your garage and it can take the trunk mount bike rack, you can go ahead and use it.

Because trunk mount bike racks are mainly lightweight, it won’t have a problem lying on a flat surface or on the wall in your garage.

How Do You Store A Roof Bike Rack In The Garage?

Roof bike rack is a more secure means of transporting your bike on your car. This is a perfect choice if you don’t want anything to prevent you from accessing your car trunk. Some roof bike racks allow you to mount your bike without removing one wheel of your bike. Others may require that you do so. But bear in mind that you have to be conscious of low-clearance ceilings and garages.

The best place to store your roof bike rack is in your garage. Leaving your roof bike rack in your garage will protect it from sunlight, rain and snow.

And just like the trunk mount bike rack, you can store your roof bike rack the same way in your garage.

No special equipment is needed. You can hang it on any wall hanger you already have installed on your garage wall.

However, if you don’t have kids and you have enough space in your garage, you can safely store it on the floor. Just make sure the floor is not a concrete floor.

But if space is an issue, you can choose to hang the rack on the wall of ceiling of your garage.

How Do You Hang A Bike Rack In A Garage?

Apart from hitch mount bike racks, most bike racks don’t have special products for storing bike racks. What you will find are bike racks for storing your bike in the garage.

However, this doesn’t mean that we cannot find a way around it.

One way we can hang a bike rack in the garage is to use bike storage racks.

So, instead of drilling holes in the wall (this is a good idea if you live in a rented apartment), you could go for a freestanding bike rack. It is usually a double decker that can accommodate multiple bikes. With such rack, you can store your bike as well as your bike rack in your garage.

But if you are really pressed hard on space and would prefer to hang your bike rack, I would suggest you go with a bike ceiling rack. This keeps both your bike and rack off the floor and way above your car in the garage.

Hopefully you get the point I’m trying to make here. And it simply means that you can use pretty much anything to hang and keep your bike rack off your garage floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look out for when storing my bike rack in the garage?

Avoid moisture as much as you can. You don’t want to leave your bike rack in a damp place because they are usually made of metal. Wet and damp surfaces can lead to rust, which most definitely will reduce the lifespan of your bike rack.

How can I protect my bike rack from moisture while in the garage?

If you are going to store your bike rack on your garage floor, then it’s best you place it on a lifted surface or on a wood. Your garage may seem dry now, but when the storms come, your garage floor may be flooded with water. This is why it’s not advisable to leave your bike rack on the floor.

Is the garage the only place I can store my bike rack?

Certainly not; if you have enough space in your apartment and you prefer to store it there, you sure can. However, if you are storing your bike in the garage, it makes sense to also store your bike rack there as well. This will make it easy to access both when you need them.

Do I need to clamp down my bike rack or secure with strap while it is stored in the garage?

There won’t be need for that, except if you are hanging your bike on the rack as well. You might need to clamp down the bike to the rack to prevent it from falling off of the rack. But if that is not the case, then you don’t need straps when you store your bike rack in the garage.


You may have spent a lot of money on your bike than on your bike rack, and may not have much regard for your bike rack.

But you need to remember that both of them are equally important.

Knowing how to properly store your bike rack in the garage will ensure that you keep enjoying your bike rack for a long time.

With the tips listed in this article, you will definitely find your way around it.

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