Interesting Ways to Prevent a Trunk-Mounted Bike Rack from Being Stolen

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It’s true that bicycles are stolen more than bike racks. However, imagine you went on a trip with two or three of your bicycles. You and your friends or family members take out your bikes and go for a spin. Upon returning, you find the rack missing from your vehicle.

How would you come back home with all the bicycles? Where would you put them? Yes, you can call someone to help you out, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent the rack from getting stolen in the first place?

Well, of course, it would. This is why today, I’m going to show you guys the ways to prevent your trunk-mounted bike rack from being stolen.

Do Trunk-Mounted Bike Racks Get Stolen a Lot?

Well, if you want my honest answer, then I would say they don’t get stolen a lot. I have been and have seen many people use a bicycle carrier, and only a handful of times have I heard that their racks had been stolen from their cars.

However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll leave your carrier out in the open for anyone to come and grab it. There are a few things that come into play when we are talking about bike rack theft, and these are:

How Expensive is Your Trunk-mounted Bike Rack?

When it comes to an expensive bicycle carrier, the chances of it being stolen and not being stolen are almost the same. It is kind of a paradoxical situation. Let me tell you why.

Expensive trunk mount bike racks have a higher chance of catching the attention of potential thieves. You don’t need to be a detective to know that. High-end bicycle carriers can be sold for a good amount of cash, even if it’s not brand new.

However, such racks come with top-notch security systems. It becomes difficult for thieves to bypass the system and steal the carrier. So, in a way, an expensive bike rack has a greater chance of getting robbed and not at the same time.

Is Your Bike Rack Secured Enough?

If something is easy to steal, then anybody would want to grab it and make a run for it. A bike rack without a proper security system is more likely to get stolen than a carrier with a few safety locks.

So, the chances of your rack getting stolen increases when it is not secured with straps or locks.

Where Are You Parking Your Car with the Bike Rack?

Now, if you park your car in a dark alley, it not only increases the chance of your carrier getting stolen but also your vehicle as well.

So, where you are keeping your car with the rack is essential. If it’s in a secured place, your carrier will stay safe, and if not, then it might get snipped.

How to Prevent My Bike Rack from Getting Stolen

How to Prevent My Bike Rack from Getting Stolen

It’s almost impossible to keep a rack safe from a determined thief. However, you can certainly make it harder for them, and you never know; it may discourage them, which in the end may keep your carrier safe.

Now that you know trunk-mounted bicycle carriers can get snipped, it’s time you learn how to prevent potential thieves from stealing them. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Removing the Trunk-Mounted Rack

Although it may seem tiring, the best way to keep your carrier safe from burglars is to remove the rack from your vehicle.

I know how annoying it can be to attach and remove a bicycle carrier, yet it is the only guaranteed way that you can use to keep your rack safe. So, if your carrier features easy installation and removal, then I would suggest you take off the entire thing before leaving it unmonitored.

Cable Locks are Your Best Friend

Most high-end trunk-mounted bike racks come with integrated cable locks. These locks secure your carrier to the vehicle and prevent thieves from easily stealing your bike rack.

So, either get a carrier that comes with integrated cable locks or buy a separate one to keep your rack safe. It will not only prevent your carrier from being stolen but also keep it secured to the vehicle when you’re traveling.

Park Your Car in Safe Spots

I’ve already told you a little about the importance of parking in safe areas. Now, let me tell you where you can or should park your vehicle with the rack installed for maximum safety.

First of all, you can try parking in a garage, that is the safest place you’ll ever find. If there is no garage, then always try to keep your car near other vehicles. If you leave your car in a place with no other vehicles, then thieves may find an opportunity to steal your rack.

So, make sure your vehicle is surrounded by other vehicles.

Wood is Good

Did you know that you can secure a trunk-mounted carrier with a block of wood and a cable?

The general idea is that you attach the piece of wood to a cable and thread it through the strap that connects to your rack. So, how does it protect your carrier?

Well, it prevents random people from opening the trunk of your car easily. If they can’t open the trunk, they can’t steal the rack.

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Some Final Tips for the Road

Even if you lose your bike rack, you shouldn’t start panicking. It will only make things worse. Instead, you should calmly handle the situation.

The first thing you can do is check for any cameras in the area and try to identify the culprit who stole your carrier. You should also file a police case, so the cops may start looking for it.

However, the main problem is how you will bring your bicycles back home without a rack. Well, you can try calling a friend to help you out, but if it is not an option, then you should dismantle your bikes and try fitting the parts inside your vehicle. I hope you never have to see this day, and even if you do, you already know what your best course of action is.

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